We are contacting you to inform you of the Great Swindle, Lack of Professional Ethics and Abuse of Dominant Position that SAGE exercises with the companies and professional offices, we summarize them in four actions that they carry out with naturalness, frequency and impunity:

a.- Invoicing SAGE products and services that clients and professional firms have NOT requested. This practice is usually performed at the end of the month and coinciding with weekends or holidays. The product and services are invoiced and the receipts are sent to the banks, if they realize and request the payment they manage it, but always when they decide, it is possible that currently there is more than ONE MILLION euros pending payment.

b.- Invoicing third party products such as antivirus or database systems, with the same methodology as in the first point, i.e., without the customer having requested anything, claiming that “they care about their customers” and ensure that they have everything.

c.- Supposed migration of products, and we say supposed because it is always the same product! The first thing is that they tell us that it is a new product, lie, LogiClas, Sage Murano and Sage 200 are the same product with changes of screens and reordering of functionality, but behind it is the same, it happens the same with Sage offices, Sage offices for life and Sage offices connected, same product, for that reason the migrations are “transparent”. The second thing is that the migrations are billed without the customer knowing or requesting it.

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How to Download or Download my Retiree Pay Card

– Reuse. In certain circumstances the connection of a bank account from the application with a bank feeds account needed to report the credentials again. For this, when this circumstance occurs, the application will detect this circumstance and in the main button of the bank account will request Authorize because it Requires credentials.

The companies that were registered in the territory of Navarra under the SII, when they executed the preparation with the check “See modified exclusions”, it gave the following warning message ” does not have enough licenses”.

Royal Decree 1449/2018, of December 14, establishes a reducing coefficient of the retirement age in favor of career civil servants included in the General Social Security Regime, members of the Local Police in the service of the entities that make up the Local Administration, in their different scales,categories or specialties.

The application of the benefits established in this Royal Decree entails an increase in the Social Security contribution by applying an additional contribution rate on the contribution base for common contingencies of 10.60%, of which 8.84% is to be paid by the Administration and 1.76% by the civil servant, as from its entry into force.

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SeniorContaSeniorConta is a professional accounting application that follows the same business model as DELSOL Software. While the use of the application is free, other services, such as updates or technical support, are subject to a variable monthly fee. This is a powerful multi-user and multi-company accounting program that is very popular in the country, which also supports different document numbering series and price lists and different warehouses, which allows you to control your stock in an optimal way.

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The best accounting software: comparison chartA quick glance at the accounting software market makes it clear that this is a booming area of business. There are countless accounting and invoicing solutions for companies that promise to lighten the bureaucratic burden on business owners in many different ways. Of the accounting packages presented, it can almost be said that all of them are suitable for the bookkeeping of small and medium-sized businesses. For self-employed professionals, less complex programs such as Contasimple or the basic variants of Sage and diezSoftware are available. In the following table we have summarized the most relevant data for your guidance.

How do i update sage payroll server? en línea

Quick start-upThe installation is done in 48 hours and will allow you to control your business and gain in competitiveness. At a glance you will see what you have invoiced, what is pending collection and unpaid invoices.

There is an S50c for every type of business. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, you’re experienced or you’re growing. Sage 50c accounting and invoicing software adapts to your business.

Why should you migrate to the new solution? Sage ContaPlus, FacturaPlus and Eurowin are two very good programs, but they have become obsolete and users are demanding more and better functionalities. Take a good look because they are not few!

If you are a user of Sage ContaPLUS or FacturaPLUS and want to upgrade to Sage 50cloud please contact us. It is important to know that these two programs will stop receiving updates, and it is important to start migrating to the new solution: Sage 50 contaplus and Sage 50 facturaplus.

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