How do you learn payroll?

How to make a payroll of employees examples

In the Status column you will be able to see which employees are available for the payroll for the period you selected. If the employee is already on a payroll, in this field you will see the name of the payroll to which he/she belongs and you will not be able to select him/her.

The system allows you to see the total income, deductions and net amount to be paid for each employee, also in this step you can make modifications if necessary; to do this you must click on the option “See detail”.

There you will find a box with the net payable to employees, social security and parafiscal and provisions. There you can click on “see detail” if you wish to see a precise report with the values, bases, funds and concepts that the system took into account for the liquidation.

Then this window will be enabled, which indicates that the accounting vouchers will be generated to cause the payroll and the receipts, therefore it cannot be edited and you will click on the button to continue.

Payroll examples in excel

Let’s talk about the case of Dolores, she was happy. She had finished the first fortnight of her job and was about to receive her first paycheck. When she arrived at her desk she found her payroll receipt. Overwhelmed, she took the receipt in her hands and turned it over:

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In the past, the company filled out these pay stubs by hand. Later they were filled out by machine and computers. Today, there is software linked to company databases, which automatically calculates employee deductions and payments.

The Federal Labor Law defines payroll as: the analytical document of an accounting nature, which presents itemized figures of the income and cash deductions of each of the workers of an organization for a given period.

The objective of learning how to read your payroll receipt is to make sure that as an employee we are paid on time and correctly. It is a tool used in practically all companies worldwide. The functions of the payroll receipt are:

Payroll Preparation pdf

Knowing how to make a payroll is one of the most important tasks within a company. Avoiding possible errors is essential to avoid penalties from the Administration and to keep employees satisfied.

To create a payroll, the first thing to do is to choose the right payroll system. This means considering factors such as the technical tools to be used or the relationship with the company’s finance, accounting or taxation.

We must also take into account the conditions to avoid conflicts with employees. We must ensure that they understand their payroll and establish mechanisms to resolve any doubts they may have.

This section is where the employee’s gross salary is distributed. Here a series of concepts appear that depend on the collective bargaining agreement to which the company is attached and the individual agreements. The payments are divided into salary and non-wage payments:

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This may be one of the most complicated parts of the payroll. It consists of specifying the amounts that will be deducted from the payments or gross salary, thus reflecting the employee’s net salary. The different types of deduction that exist are:

Sample bi-weekly payroll

To help you understand each of these criteria, consult with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Advisor. If you would like to obtain a poster listing the FLSA’s minimum wage requirements that employers are required to display at their business, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s website.

When you are faced with setting a pay schedule, you will also need to decide how many paid days off you want to offer your employees, if any. Although federal law does not require payment to employees for days not worked, it is likely to be a requirement of state and local governments, so this benefit can help you remain competitive with other companies and attract better employees.

Many companies also offer paid and unpaid time off that employees can use for religious holidays, as well as bereavement leave (absence from work in the event of the death of a family member).

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