Reconciliation XML Payrolls SAT vs Contpaqi

This Reconciliation tool arises as a result of the revisions that the SAT performs regarding the ISR that taxpayers report in their provisional income tax (ISR) withholding payment returns for salaries and/or assimilated to salaries.

As of 2017, SAT has sent notices to some taxpayers indicating that what they reported in their provisional income tax payment statement for salaries and/or assimilated to salaries did not match the amounts of income tax withheld, according to the payroll CFDIs issued.

This email is an invitation to review the information and verify the reason why the ISR information contained in the XML does not match the information reported in the return. This is a sample image of the notification.

Within the analysis performed, we detected some of the reasons why the amounts of the “Withholdings reflected in the payroll receipts” may not match with the “Withholdings reported”, these are:

What is payroll reconciliation?

And to make your payroll expenses deductible, it is necessary to file your Multiple Informative Declaration (DIM), reporting to the SAT the payroll expenses made every week, fortnight or month, according to the period of payment of wages and salaries that exists in your company. …

How are accruals for employee benefits accounted for?

Social benefits are recorded in account 2610, which corresponds to a provision. It is considered a provision because it is an estimate of what will be paid for it. Once the exact value to be paid for social benefits has been determined, it is taken to account 25.

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How are social security payments accounted for?

As mentioned above, the employee’s social security contributions are deducted from the salary and are recorded in liabilities as payroll withholdings.

Reconciliation ContPAQi Payroll with SAT

At the end of the program the participant will be able to identify, create and integrate all the processes of the system, appropriate to the needs of your company to manage the control of payments to employees according to their labor contract to facilitate compliance with tax and labor obligations of your company.

At the end of the module the participant will be able to recognize, capture and calculate movements of perception and deduction in the over-receipt with permanent movements, infonavit, fonacot, incapacities and vacations, in a correct way per employee and to know the benefits of the excel sheet.

At the end of the module the participant will be able to recognize, interact and practice the payroll system configurations to generate accounting movements and send them to Contpaqi®Accounting, configure the catalogs involved in payroll and generate bank movements to send them to Contpaqi®Banks.

7. SUA, IDSE CONNECTION AND CATALOGUE IMPORTATION VIA EXCELAt the end of the module the participant will be able to recognize, interact and practice the payroll system configurations to generate the connection with the SUA program, IDSE and import catalogs creating the security of reconciling social security payments and affiliation movements with the calculation and payment of wages and salaries.June 9, 10 AM to 2 PM

How do I obtain my income and withholding statement 2019?

Log in to the My Portal application with your RFC and password. Click on the Login button. Fill in the information requested in the form, indicating the certificates you need to obtain. Send your application to SAT and print and keep the electronic acknowledgement of receipt.

What is the SAT folio on my payroll?

The Folio Fiscal is found within the issuer’s data or in the identification data part of the Fiscal Voucher. It can be found in the XML string. The Folio Fiscal is reflected together with the UUID key composed of 32 hexadecimal digits, shown in 5 groups separated by dashes.

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Where is the SAT payroll viewer?

6. How do I access the employee’s Payroll Viewer? A= The tool is available on the SAT home page and in the Declarations/Viewers section, and you can enter by typing your RFC and password or electronic signature.

The SAT Payroll Viewer and its Reconciliation Vs.

The fields in the Payroll Check History table (UPR30100) and the Payroll Transaction History table (UPR30300) are used to update the Payroll Employee Summary table (UPR00900) and the Payroll Employee Suggestion Summary table (UPR00901).

In the Reconciliation Error Report, the amount in the After Reconciliation area comes from the Payroll Employee Summary table (UPR00900). The information in the After Reconciliation area comes from the Payroll Check History table (UPR30100) and the Payroll Transaction History table (UPR30300). Review the report before performing the reconciliation procedure to verify that all information is correct.

What are the provisions for social benefits?

Social Benefits (provision): contains the biweekly and monthly provision for severance payments, interest on severance payments, service bonuses and vacations that must be paid to the entities and employees on the corresponding dates according to the law.

What type of account is a provision?

A liability for which there is uncertainty as to its amount or maturity. It is a present obligation of the entity arising from past events, at the maturity of which the entity expects to give up resources embodying economic benefits in order to settle the obligation.

How are payroll accruals taken out?

Provisions must be calculated and accounted for when the payroll is settled, the values of the provisions are calculated by multiplying the employee’s salary by: Bonus: 8.33% Severance pay: 8.33% Severance interest: 1% on severance pay.

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CFDI Payroll-Payroll Viewer Reconciliation

As an entrepreneur you should think about the best practices that will keep your business running smoothly; and one of these has to do with how to effectively integrate Payroll and Accounting processes.

This is not a minor task, nor can you afford to overlook it. If you integrate them, we assure you that this will avoid complications and problems in your journey and will give you a solid foundation to continue operating.

What good is all this information to Accounting? Its responsibility is focused on control: it validates that everything is well registered, that there are no differences or inconsistencies in the information related to payroll.

It then creates the payroll policy and initiates its Accounting. This process is very important in companies, because the correct fulfillment of tax obligations and the determination of tax payments depend on it.

Take into account that a bad record in your payroll accounting could cause problems and complications. What would happen if the tax authority notices possible differences, omissions or errors when filing your tax returns or complying with the payment of IMSS dues?

By Rachel Robison

Rachel Robison is a blogger who collects information on court filings and notices.