In relation to the United Kingdom’s reservation to section 9, the British Nationality Act 1981, which came into force in January 1983, does not permit discrimination against women within the meaning of section 1 in respect of the acquisition, change or retention of their nationality or that of their children. However, the acceptance of Article 9 by the United Kingdom should not be understood as invalidating the continuation of certain temporary or transitional provisions which will remain in force after that date.

The reservation to Article 15, which relates to the exclusion of women from close combat roles, remains intact, as the decision to lift the previous exclusions for women cannot be expected to be fully implemented until 2019.

-In opening paragraph A(c), the substitution of “any act done for the purpose of securing the combat effectiveness of the Crown Armed Forces” for “admission to or service in the Crown Armed Forces”;

Where is Wales on the map

The genuine public spirit, our efforts to have our substance recognized, broken down with all precision from the other human condensations with the status of nation, all of which are equally deserving of recognition, is now outstanding.

Instead of the noisy noise with which ordinary triumphs are usually acclaimed, the impression that all this caused in the Assembly was so lively and the enthusiasm so deep, that to interrupt the silence it was necessary that the choir of the Royal Chapel could not cross the chorus.

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the iris-like embroideries of artistic highlights; the plumage then brought by the recent Lusitanian expeditions from Africa and Asia; the oriental gauze that the golden plates sculpted by the

the golden plates sculpted in Florence, the armor inlaid with all kinds of precious metals, the armorial bearings richly inscribed with names and coats of arms, the spears resembling bolts of lightning from heaven, the tahalies strewn with flourishing Italian cities

their weapons triumphed everywhere; the terror of their name penetrated even to the remote East; the fish did not dare to move without carrying the bars on their scales,

Aberowen, Wales map

It also rightly stresses that, as part of the general lack of recognition and understanding in society for entrepreneurship, business problems or business failure are neither a problem nor a cause for concern.

4.6 Generally speaking, the Committee invites the Commission and the Member States to demonstrate to their business partners that sustainable development should not be understood as a cost driver, but rather as an opportunity to create new business opportunities.

E. whereas after considerable progress had been made in relation to the Russian embargo on imports of meat and other agricultural products from Poland and after assurances had been received regarding the closure of the Druzhba pipeline,

Taken together, these elements could be considered as effectively endangering State resources, either by jeopardizing the State’s liability towards investors or by increasing the cost of future State transactions. eur-lex.europa.eu

Pleas in law: Infringement of Article 7(1)(c) of Council Regulation 207/2009 as the Board of Appeal: (i) erred in the meaning and syntax of the mark as well as in its suitability as an immediate and direct descriptive term for the goods and services to which the mark relates; (ii) infringed Article 7(1)(c) of Council Regulation 207/2009 as the Board of Appeal: (i) erred in the meaning and syntax of the mark, as well as in its suitability as an immediate and direct descriptive term for the goods and services to

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What is the capital of Wales

Third installment after Brighton and Manchester. Before emigrating to Cardiff or another city in Wales, if you have not been living in UK before, read our Top 10 things to prepare before emigrating. Not forgetting the aspect of knowing how much it costs to live in the UK, which on average is between £600 and £700 per month.

If what you are looking for is just a getaway and visit the city, in a weekend you can see everything important, which are the Cardiff Castle, the Bay, the city center … and if you want something different: the Doctor Who Experience or a rugby match where you can experience this sport, either with the Cardiff Blues or the Wales National Team at the Millenium Stadium.

Regarding the subject of looking for a room, apartment or house in the capital of Wales, the prices are a little more affordable than, for example, Bristol. Renting a room in a shared house you do not perceive that difference, which is around £250, but if you rent a studio you can get around £450-500 per month.

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