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Until when does the supply last

Another aspect considered is that locally produced garments and imported garments can be considered similar or directly competing products, because both products share the same physical characteristics, are used for the same purposes, are made from the same raw materials and follow the same production process. In addition, they are placed in the market under the same commercialization channels, they are classified under the same tariff subheadings; and, they are commercially interchangeable in the Peruvian market in which they compete.

Thus, between 2016 and 2019, apparel imports increased 53.9% in absolute terms and 105.4 percentage points in terms relative to domestic production. Moreover, in the final and most recent part of the period of analysis (January – June 2020), such imports experienced an increase of 287.5 percentage points with respect to similar semester of 2019.

With the decision to initiate this investigation, it seeks to determine the need to recommend or not to the Multisector Commission formed by three ministers: Economy and Finance (MEF), Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), and from the ministry of the productive sector involved (Produce), the application of general safeguard measures on apparel imports.

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All Plan International Entities, including IIP, shall establish their own procedures that are consistent with global procedures, regulations or other regulatory documents that enable compliance by their employees (and/or, where appropriate, their contractors and other partners) with this Global Policy. Where required by law or local practice, IIP offices and National Organizations may enhance the standards and requirements set forth in this policy.

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Likewise, article two of the aforementioned law provides that the Royal Legislative Decrees issued in accordance with the present law shall include the express repeal of the rules that have been the object of the recasting as well as of those regulatory provisions issued in application and development of the same that are incompatible with the recasting carried out.

In this sense, although the unifying objective embodied by this type of recast text has been pursued at all times, this has been achieved through the updating, clarification and harmonization of the different laws that make it up, giving rise to a new, complete and systematic text.

All provisions of equal or lower rank that oppose the provisions of this Royal Legislative Decree and the consolidated text approved by it, and in particular, the following, are hereby repealed:

6. Article 7, Article 8, paragraphs one and two, Article 11 and Article 13, paragraph 1, of Royal Decree-Law 20/2012, of July 13, on measures to ensure budgetary stability and to promote competitiveness.

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