What objectives are you trying to achieve? How will the event help you reach your audience more effectively? Having an event just for the sake of having an event will not help you accomplish anything, you need clear objectives that can be achieved and that make sense with your strategy.

To put this into practice we propose an example. At the event you can give away a product – as a detail – to the attendees as well as a photo station, so people will post them on social networks with your hashtag. This way you will be using both physical and online presence. By doing this, you help increase your brand recognition as people become curious to see photos of your brand.

However, we know that doing a face-to-face event in these circumstances seems a bit difficult. Very few people at the beginning of 2020 would have thought that their routine would take such an unexpected turn.

Today, face-to-face events will have to wait a little longer, but companies and brands cannot sit idly by.  7 out of 10 professionals have moved their face-to-face event to a virtual platform; including us with our INBOUND2020 event.


To remove the bulb, turn the gray plastic holder counterclockwise. Turn the bulb a quarter turn to release it. Simply reverse the process to insert a new bulb. Now the REVERSE LIGHT.

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If you want to save yourself the hassle, let Halfords do the work. Select our Halfords wiper installation service and one of our trained technicians will fit your wipers while you wait, all for just £5 a pair. Wiper fitting is available at all Halfords stores. We can’t say fairer than that.

Yes, our Halfords retail stores remain open. As an essential retailer and following government guidance, our stores remain open nationwide in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We continue to operate in a safe and secure manner for both our customers and our colleagues.

Does Halfords offer NHS discounts? Yes, through its partnership with Health Service Discounts, Halfords offers NHS staff a 7.5% discount on bikes, cars, maintenance and more.

Renault Kwid 2019 – Test Técnico – Casi Perfecto

HELIOCONTROL hizo su debut mundial en una HELIOSTAR G y es el complemento ideal del sistema de ajuste de prerregistro EASY-SYNC desarrollado por W&H. Ambos sistemas permiten reducir la maculatura durante los cambios de trabajo y la puesta en marcha de la máquina.

es de importancia si el soporte es blanco opaco, transparente o reflejante. El HELIOCONTROL como complemento ideal del sistema de ajuste de registro previo EASY-SYNC pudo ser visto en una HELIOSTAR G. El objetivo de ambos sistemas es reducir la merma en el momento de arranque y con los cambios de trabajo.

La calefacción de la cabina vio la luz gracias a los rallies de invierno: primero mediante estufas de gasolina hasta 1900, y luego con sistemas integrados a partir de 1938, sobre todo a bordo del Peugeot 402. Los problemas de niebla llevarían a los ingenieros a replantearse

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El 3 de febrero la cantante española Estrella Morente arrasó en el teatro ‘Town Hall’ de Nueva York, con su debut en Estados Unidos en el que demostró su prodigiosa voz y su talento para el cante .

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