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The hotel is less than 5 minutes’ walk from Liverpool’s fascinating city center, which offers one of the busiest and friendliest nights out in the country. It is ideally located opposite the Echo Arena and the BT Convention Centre. There are several airports in the region, including Liverpool (15 km away), Manchester (60 km away) and Blackpool (90 km away).Guests will feel right at home in one of the 135 rooms. There is a lobby and reception services available to travelers. An elevator is available, by means of which it is possible to access most floors. The facilities include a…

What is Liverpool famous for?

Liverpool is one of the cities in the United Kingdom with the longest sporting tradition, with soccer being the most popular sport. The two main soccer teams are Everton, which plays at Goodison Park, and Liverpool, which plays at Anfield.

Why live in Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of the most important cities in the United Kingdom thanks to its seaport and the possibilities this offers for commercial exchange, which makes it an ideal place to live and look for a job, since it offers many advantages. Also for its soccer and The Beatles.

What are the people of Liverpool like?

The people of Liverpool are a friendly and talkative people, happy to engage with visitors at any time and in any place.

Cities of England

We will tell you which were the places that gave birth to The Beatles of Liverpool or the Liverpool that was the inspiration and cradle of the Beatles, so that you can enjoy them in your own way, your own time and as much as possible with very little money.

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We recommend you to start your tour at the Liverpool 4 monument, located at the foot of the River Mersey. Take as many pictures as necessary, the statues are imposing and very well done.

It is the house that is less visible today, because the area is blocked by construction fences. They have tried to destroy this house several times, but the neighbors of the place have prevented it.

You can get to this home and have your picture taken at the door, but you should know that the people who live there are not very friendly.    On the tour we took, we were advised not to make too much noise.

You should know that the house was bought by Yoko Ono, to prevent it from being demolished and nowadays it belongs to an entity in charge of preserving important sites in the country. To be able to get access to visit it may be a dare, but at least I guarantee you will be able to take a picture at the door of Aunt Mimi’s house.

What does Liverpool produce?

Its main activity is the construction and operation of department stores and shopping centers in Mexico, in addition to managing its own credit card.

What language is spoken in Liverpool?

Scouse or Liverpool English is a combination of the variety of British English that was spoken locally with the Irish English brought by the migrations of the 1840s during the Great Irish Famine. This is one of the easiest accents to recognize in English, but not the easiest to understand.

How much is the minimum wage in Liverpool?

The minimum wage for 2021 in the United Kingdom has been set at €1,708.7 per month, i.e. €20,504 per year, taking into account 12 annual payments, which is the usual division of annual salary in most countries.

Towns of liverpool

Two weeks ago the organization English UK organized a trip to visit different schools in the north of England. As an agency that works regularly with this organization we were invited to participate in this trip. In this article we tell you our experiences about the cities and schools we visited.

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The next destination was Leeds, considered the largest financial city not including London. In terms of education this city enjoys a great reputation. The two universities, great research facilities and two centers for business studies.

The location of the city is ideal for travel, it is well connected to London 40 minutes by flight or 2 hours by train. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin less than an hour by flight. Manchester 1 hour, Liverpool 1 hour and a half.

The school is located in a magnificent Georgian building, divided into four floors. It is also in the heart of the Leeds education sector, close to Park Lane College and Swarthmore Adult Education Centre and the Metropolitan University as well as the University of Leeds are less than 10 minutes away. It is also a 10 minute walk to the train station and all mainline trains.

How many Spaniards live in Liverpool?

Liverpool has about 510,000 inhabitants, of which about 3,000 are Spanish. There is a great international atmosphere due to the fact that in this city there are 4 universities with great prestige in the United Kingdom.

What is life like in England?

England is a very liberal country, here you can do whatever you want (within the rules) and dress as you want without being judged or criticized by others. One of the most curious things about this country is how clean the streets are, even after nights of parties or events.

How much discount do Liverpool workers receive?

Employee comments

Special discount for collaborators. They offer 20% discount on line products and 10% discount on discounted products. Applies to most of the items sold by the company.

Liverpool city map

From top left: Pier Head and the Mersey Ferry; St. George’s Hall and the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Catholic Cathedral; Liverpool Anglican Cathedral; Georgian architecture in Canning; Princes Dock.

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Historically part of the county of Lancashire, Liverpool’s urbanization and expansion was largely due to its status as a major port city. In the 18th century, trade with the West Indies, continental Europe and the Atlantic slave trade promoted the city’s economic expansion. At the beginning of the 19th century, 40% of the world’s maritime trade passed through Liverpool’s docks. Today, it is the second largest port in the United Kingdom in terms of export volume after London.

In 2004, several areas along the city center were declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco. Known as the “Liverpool Maritime Merchant City”, the site comprises six separate locations in the city, including “Pier Head”, “Albert Dock” and “William Brown Street”; it includes most of the city’s most famous landmarks.[4] In 2021, Unesco removed the city from its World Heritage List as urban development was deemed to threaten the value of the city’s waterfront.[5] The city was removed from its World Heritage List by Unesco in 2021.[6] The city’s waterfront was also declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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