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There has been an understandable growth in remote work since the pandemic and while this is happening, the term “digital nomad” has become popular on blogs and social media. Nomadism and the digital nomad lifestyle allow professionals in different fields to work from any location that has a reliable Internet connection.

Not a bad deal considering how often a successful career can get in the way of leisure travel, but how does it work? Does nomadism and the digital nomad lifestyle work for everyone?

Unlike “remote workers” with a home base where they spend most of their time, digital nomads take advantage of not being tied to an office and use this freedom to travel and explore the world. They are workers who “embrace a technology-driven, location-independent lifestyle” and stay connected to colleagues and customers wherever the Internet is available in the world.

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This is the million dollar question: how to turn an idea into a great business. Many entrepreneurs would like to know the answer. And although it is not easy and will depend on many factors, the truth is that there are some keys that should be taken into account.

The first is basic and should almost be taken for granted: it is necessary to have a good idea. But it is not enough. For the product or service to be successful, it is also essential to identify a market segment or niche where there are clear unmet needs and where the idea can catch on and grow quickly.

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Getting ahead of the curve could result in the market not understanding the service or product and, therefore, not buying it. On the other side of the scale, if we are late, the competition would already be fierce and would pass over us.

Flexibility to adapt to change and to do so in an agile manner is the sixth key. The entrepreneur must be quick, adapt and solve problems as they arise. “The concept of pivoting is aimed at perfecting the idea or strategy to make it increasingly closer to what the target market wants and will accept,” they say.

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We have offices in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Córdoba and we are part of RSM Global, the sixth largest network of audit, tax and consulting services in the world with 820 offices in more than 120 countries.

RSM Argentina has a great respect for professional training, making it possible to study and work at the same time. In addition, there is an excellent working environment where everyone strives for the development of newcomers.

Our priority is to know the strengths and interests of those who are part of our team and provide them with a context to exploit their capabilities to the fullest. We understand that the professional development of the people who work with us is our main strength as a firm.

What motivates me most about working at RSM Argentina is the possibility of working with top national and international clients, generating a space for continuous training in a dynamic environment.

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During the pandemic I decided that I had to make a change of job in search of new challenges to enhance my professional development. That process brought me to RSM Argentina where today I am part of a warm group willing to enhance my growth.

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For those of you who do not know RSM Spain, I recommend a visit to our website.

By Rachel Robison

Rachel Robison is a blogger who collects information on court filings and notices.