Is there an A&E in Arran?

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Salamanca had the highest volume of patients -14,069- although, overall, Valladolid had the highest number of emergency cases in its three hospitals -Río Hortega, Clínico Universitario and Comarcal de Medina del Campo-, with 22,274 consultations.

Decongestion. The decrease in cases of influenza and respiratory viruses decongested Sacyl’s emergency service during February. In fact, there was a 15.5 percent decrease in the number of consultations compared to January. However, this figure contrasts with the same month in 2014. If we compare both periods, in 2015 there was an increase of 5 percent to 75,402 patients.

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For the attention of emergencies and disasters we have the State Emergency System, one of the best in the country. It has at the disposal of the population the medical helicopter for the aerial transfer of patients in critical condition in order to receive timely care.

Committed to the policy of a humane government with social sense of our Governor Miguel Marquez Marquez, we will continue to promote more actions that strengthen the health of the entire population of Guanajuato.

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Autogenous start, also known as black start, black start, dark start or emergency start is the process of restoring a power plant to operation without relying on the external power transmission network. In English the term black start is used.[1] More generically it applies to all systems that can start without external assistance. It is often used when a power plant isolated from the high-voltage grid is inaugurated for the first time, or to restore the operation of the high-voltage grid after a collapse of the national interconnected system due to a serious fault in the grid, which may take many power plants or transformer substations out of service, or after a maintenance operation of the power plant where there is a possibility that there is no power available from the grid for start-up at the time.

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Normally, the electrical energy used within a power plant is provided by the plant’s own generators. If all of the power plant’s main generators are off, the power to feed the plant’s services is provided by drawing power from the grid via transmission lines from the interconnected system. However, during a massive blackout the grid power will not be available and in the absence of grid power, there is no way to start the power plant, so a so-called black start must be performed to get the power plant up and running and bring it back to operational status so that it can be reconnected to the grid. To do this, the power plant must have this capability. Not all power plants have this capability.

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We know that in the most inopportune moments the need for an urgent battery replacement can arise and that is why we have our 24/7 home service. Our service arises with the need of our customers to be able to be attended by battery emergencies at any time, any day of the week.

We know that in the least opportune moments the need for a battery replacement can arise urgently and for this there is our 24/7 home service. Our service is oriented to attend any battery emergency at any time and any day of the week.

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