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In accordance with the powers conferred by the first final provision of said Royal Decree, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, at the proposal of the General Intervention of the State Administration, proceeded to approve the rules that developed the provisions contained therein, among them, the Order of December 16, 1986, which regulates the operations and procedures to be followed in the execution of the State Expenditure Budget.

For these purposes, the present Order, which replaces the aforementioned Order of December 16, 1986, approves the Instruction that regulates the procedures in the execution of the State expenditure, taking into account the new specifications foreseen in the SIC and the new accounting treatments included in the new plan.

Chapter I regulates the general procedure to be followed in the management of budgetary appropriations, referring to all those operations related to the Expenditure Budget that occur prior to the expenditure authorization phase. Thus, it covers the processing of initial appropriations, modifications to appropriations, the creation and breakdown of budgetary applications, the delegation and deconcentration of appropriations in the Territorial Services, the change in the status of appropriations and the limits for the implementation of multi-year expenses.

Online management

Nowadays technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, we can say that we are in a modern and digitalized era which can bring us great benefits if we know how to take advantage of all the opportunities it gives us.

The modality of self-employed company or independent businessman is one of the most used, since it presents greater facilities when it is your first venture, as we know when being self-employed and registering as such, we acquire a series of tax obligations that must be fulfilled with great responsibility as it is the income tax return, payment of taxes, labor and accounting tax control, among others.

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To create an SL requires at least a share capital of more than 3000 € which unlike the self-employed does not make this outlay, only has the responsibility of paying a flat rate that will vary in percentage as time goes by.

In addition to the above it is important that you have an electronic certificate which you can sign your documents electronically and thus mobilize the processes much more quickly and efficiently.

Pradilla Management

Resolves the request for a legal concept related to the legal nature, procedure and appeals against the administrative act of temporary suspension of an officer of a community organization, on the particular concludes: ?(…. ) Finally, having complied with the previously mentioned jurisprudential criteria, in relation to the legal effects of the suspension and the special procedure for its issuance, it only remains to say that the administrative act of temporary suspension of the registration of an officer of a community organization is classified as a sanction that must be notified and in respect of which the administrative remedies are applicable, according to its purpose and nature, considering for the effect the affectation of fundamental rights implied by the imposition of such sanction?

Taking into account that the Secretariat of Education is an agency of the central sector of the District administration and that the educational institutes are part of it, the power to enter into lease contracts for the spaces where the cafeterias or school stores operate, is held by the rectors or the expense managers of such institutions.


Collects information for our own source analysis tool on how our services are used. A collection of internal metrics of user activity, which is used to improve the user experience.

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To better understand how our services are used, we monitor certain user activities that take place within our products, including page views and clicks on links used when administering a site through our control panels.

We call each of these actions an “event”. Analytics events are attached to your account and are handled through a first-party system owned and maintained by Automattic. In general, we log the following data for each event: IP address, user ID and username, logged-in site ID (for sites not hosted on, user agent, referring URL, event timestamp, browser language, and country code.

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