What are the off-payroll rules?


Regarding the labor and payroll scenario, it is clear that we are already immersed in a process of total change as the way of working has taken a 180-degree turn towards teleworking, which needs to be regulated.

Family reconciliation measures are being consolidated, not only teleworking itself but also the promotion of flexible working hours in order to make the employee feel more comfortable and adapt much better within the organization.

As a consequence of all this, companies are taking measures and changing their payroll concept maps. From Seresco we are adapting quickly and efficiently providing solutions to these new needs such as:

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What is payroll?

We can define that the payroll is the record of the days worked and the wages received by those workers in the service of others (employers), in which the concepts of perceptions and deductions are established for each of these persons, in a given period.

What are the laws that are involved and shape the creation and structure of a payroll?

Payroll is a legal obligation for any company in Mexico established in: Federal Labor Law (article 804 fraction II). Federal Tax Code (article 67). Mexican Social Security Law (article 15).

Why are payrolls important?

Simply put, payroll is the financial record of your employees’ salaries, bonuses and deductions. … A well-run payroll contributes to a good work environment, since workers depend on it to meet their needs and manage their personal or family finances.

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Employee Payroll

There are several types of payrolls in Mexico, which accountants and human resources managers should be aware of. This is the only way to keep good records and comply with the Federal Labor Law, among other things.

Payrolls are documents that detail an employee’s salary and the items he/she is receiving. They also indicate things such as social security or taxes, which end up being deducted from the total salary.

The payroll for executive personnel is the one that is elaborated for the high positions of a company. The general payroll is for everyone else. The main difference between these two types of payrolls is the confidentiality of the information. In payrolls for executive staff, the data is handled in a more discreet way.

Sesame is a time and attendance software that has this functionality. When you make a payroll, you can upload it directly to an employee’s profile, where they can also view it at any time, in the document manager option.

How useful is the preparation of payrolls?

Facilitate legal procedures and expedite the payment of taxes involved in running a business. They allow to keep an order in the financial accounting of the company. It is a way to manage and control the use of resources.

Where does the payroll process begin and end?

The process begins each time a pay period begins with the report of the entry of new personnel data and ends with the payment of the salary to the employee and the payments to third parties based on the authorized deductions.

What is the maximum amount that can be deducted from a worker?

In order to make any of these discounts, the amount to be withheld from the payroll may never exceed the amount of one month’s salary and the periodic discount agreed upon by the employee and the employer may not exceed 30% of the excess of the minimum salary.

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Payroll types

Learn how to fill out and issue a payroll receipt, as well as the correct incorporation of the complement to the invoice, observing the definitions of the technological standard of Annex 20 and the applicable legal provisions in force.

What code must be entered in the “DeductionType” field of the “Deduction” node in the payroll complement, when discounts are made for mortgage loans, as well as discounts for loan payments for home remodeling?

What code must be entered in the “Deduction type” field of the “Deduction” node in the payroll complement, when discounts are made for mortgage loans, as well as discounts for home remodeling loan payments?

You must enter the code “009” for discounts from mortgage loans and home remodeling loan payments from INFONAVIT, and you must enter the code “010” for discounts from mortgage loans and home remodeling loan payments from social security institutions other than INFONAVIT.

What is the maximum amount that can be deducted per payroll 2021?

The amount payable shall in no case exceed the amount of one month’s wages and the discount shall be as agreed upon by the employee and the employer, but may not exceed thirty percent of the excess of the minimum wage; II.

How much will the minimum wage increase in 2021?

Until 2021, the minimum wage was $141.70 pesos per day, after the 22 percent increase it was set at $172.87 pesos, the highest in the last 34 years.

What does time and attendance control allow us to do in an organization?

Importance of attendance control

The personnel attendance control procedure helps us to follow up on the daily attendance (or absences) of workers, taking into account all scenarios: overtime, night hours, type of contract, vacations, in short.

Example of payroll pdf

For the purposes of article 27, sections V, second paragraph and XVIII and 99, section III of the Income Tax Law in connection with article 29, second paragraph, section IV of the CFF and 39 of the CFF Regulations,

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that make payments for remunerations to their workers or to taxpayers assimilated to salaries, corresponding to periods of less than one month, may issue to each worker or to each taxpayer assimilated to salaries, only one CFDI per month, within the period of time in which they

The CFDI will be issued to each employee or assimilated taxpayer only once a month, within the period of the month in question. In the case of separation payments or due to the execution of judicial resolutions or awards, taxpayers may generate and send the CFDI for its certification.

CFDI certification provider. The monthly CFDI referred to in this rule must include, in the corresponding fields, the total amounts of each of the complements included in the same, for each concept, according to the periodicity in which they are effectively paid.

according to the periodicity in which each disbursement was actually made. The option referred to in this rule may not be changed in the fiscal year in which it was taken, and it is without prejudice to compliance with the other requirements of this rule.