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Like all entrepreneurship, Morrison’s founders envisioned the international expansion of their footwear brand. However, this was no longer a distant scenario when they began to perceive the success of their sneakers among their customers.

Morrison is a brand with a very defined identity, with which they have succeeded in creating a community of customers and followers who are into their casual and adventurous style. This gave them a firm grip on their current presence, but they needed to go further if they wanted to build enough momentum to cross borders.

Faced with the characteristics of their problem and their goals, they decided to opt for Boost Marketing to create a private community of content creators that would amplify the reach and increase sales of the brand.

The reason for choosing this promotional model is that the brand knows very well the power of digital communities to increase sales for companies. In addition, its young founders also knew how far digital channels can take a brand.

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Carla Patricia Morrison Flores, (Tecate, Baja California, Mexico; July 19, 1986), better known as Carla Morrison, is a Mexican singer,[2] philanthropist,[3] actress,[4] activist,[5] producer,[6] and songwriter[7]. She has won three Latin Grammy Awards; two for best alternative song with “Déjenme llorar” in 2012 and “Vez primera” in 2016 and one for her debut album Déjenme llorar, certified platinum by the Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas.[8] She is the winner of three Latin Grammy Awards.

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Inspired by her teacher David Barrios, Mexican lyric baritone, she began to present her first musical compositions under the stage name Babaluca. This project was consolidated as a band with the adhesion of Nick Kizer and Nichole Petta and managed to position itself in a short time as one of the most important projects of the local scene.

In 2012, he started working on his first full-length studio album, entitled Déjenme llorar, together with Juan Manuel Torreblanca -from the band Torreblanca- and Andrés Landon -soloist in Sonido Landon-, in the production of the album, and Alejandro Jiménez -soloist in Jandro-, in the co-production of demos, arrangements and recording engineering.

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This week Morrisons announced that it was investing in a plastics recycling business, buying a stake in it. I think this is very interesting news. Firstly because Morrisons is the UK chain with the most integrated supply chain model. They have slaughterhouses, flour factories, bread ovens, fruit packing plants, fish filleting plants, etc. And also because it responds to consumers’ interest in the environment and the impact on the planet of the products they buy. The supply chain no longer ends with the sale of the product to the customer in the store, now it is necessary to participate in waste management.

I find Morrisons’ interest in integrating recycling into its business very interesting, and I am sure we will see similar initiatives from competitors and others in the chain, individually or collectively.

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Below we transcribe the article that Miguel Flavián has written in his blog in which he refers to the solution proposed by one of the large supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, Morrison, to pay more to the farmer: to pass this increase on to the consumer. Could this be the solution, this is the reflection that Falvián offers and that Tomás García Azcárate has shared with us in this interesting document.

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“Morrisons has been one of the supermarkets most questioned by farmers for what their suppliers pay for a liter of milk, and yesterday, after a meeting with representatives of the same, Morrisons announced a measure to, let’s say, get out of the criticism.

It is going to pass the milk price problem on to the consumer, and to that end it is launching a new product called “Milk for Farmers” which is completely identical to the normal milk reference, but more expensive. It carries a 10 pence per liter surcharge (it will cost £1.12 about €1.57 versus £0.89 about €1.15 for the normal reference) which will be paid directly to the farmers who sell the milk for Morrisons (the 3000 farmers who work with Arla, the cooperative that packages Morrisons’ milk).

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