What does NI Code D mean?

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29 April, 2016 by jmperez 599 Comments For a few weeks now, we have all been getting a notification in Whatsapp chats announcing the new security measures that the service has implemented to prevent third parties from intercepting and reading our messages.

To find out in a group which user has not yet updated to the secure version, we just have to enter the chat, access the group information and click on the “Encryption” section. We will see a banner like the following, where it tells us, if applicable, which phone(s) must be upgraded to allow secure communications within the group.

This information will only appear to us if we have activated an option that appears in the Whatsapp settings: ‘Show security notifications’. We will see it if we access the ‘Settings > Account > Security’ section and if we activate it, we will be asking Whatsapp to inform us when one of our contacts changes the internal security code used to encrypt messages.

What does the Children’s Code say?

– This Code provides for the comprehensive protection that the State, society and the family must guarantee to all children and adolescents living in Ecuador, in order to achieve their comprehensive development and the full enjoyment of their rights, within a framework of freedom, dignity and equity.

What is the Childhood and Adolescence Code Define in your own words?

It establishes the fundamental principles of both social or community participation and the administrative and judicial processes involving the rights and obligations of this population. … The rights and guarantees of this group are of public interest, unwaivable and non-transferable.

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What does the Convention on the Rights of the Child express in relation to the right to a name? What does our Code on Children and Adolescents express?

– Every child and adolescent has the intrinsic right to life, dignity, freedom, identity, integrity, image, health, education, recreation, rest, culture, participation, association, social security benefits and to be treated equally regardless of sex, religion, ethnicity or gender.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The stele was found in Susa, where in 1200 BC it was taken as war booty by the king of Elam Shutruk-Nakhunte.[1] It is preserved in the Louvre Museum (Paris).[1][edit data on Wikidata]

The Code of Hammurabi is one of the oldest sets of laws ever found and one of the best preserved copies of such documents created in ancient Mesopotamia. It is based on the application of the law of talion,[2] and is also one of the earliest examples of the principle of the presumption of innocence, as it suggests that the accused or the accuser has the opportunity to provide evidence.[3] It was written in 1750 BC by the Babylonian king Hammurabi,[4][5][6][6][7][8][9] where he unified the existing codes in the cities of the Babylonian empire. It is currently preserved at the Louvre Museum in Paris.[10][11][11]

Written in Akkadian so that it could be read by any literate person,[13] its prologue and epilogue are written in a more careful language and with the purpose of glorifying the Babylonian god Marduk or Shamash[14] and, through him, his king.

What does Article 45 of the Childhood and Adolescence Code say?

Art. 45. – Right to information. Children and adolescents have the right to seek and choose information; and to use the different media and sources of communication, with the limitations established by law and those derived from the exercise of parental authority.

What are the principles of childhood and adolescence?

The fundamental principles are equality and non-discrimination (Art. 6), co-responsibility of the State, society and the family (Art. 8), the best interest of the child (Art. 11), children are an absolute priority in the formulation and execution of policies (Art. 11).

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What is the concept of Adultcentrism?

are phrases that consider that adults are superior over other generations such as childhood, adolescence and youth. This is adultcentrism.

Childhood and Adolescence Code, updated 2020.

Article 58 (Concept of income and form of accrediting it): For the purposes of this Code, salary or assets shall be understood as all income of any nature, periodic or not, originating in the labor relationship, leasing of works or services or deriving from social security. For the purposes of alimony, the income received by the obligor as per diems subject to rendering of accounts shall not be computed as income.

The income from periodic withdrawals of profits, benefits or earnings, collection of interest or dividends shall be assimilated to the provisions of the preceding paragraph. In general, everything that the maintenance debtor receives from his work or capital.

Once the falsity of the affidavit presented has been proven, the Judge will ask the expert to determine the amounts that were not received by the beneficiary due to the false affidavit. The costs and expenses of this stage will be, prescriptively, of the maintenance obligor. The presentation of a false affidavit shall be immediately brought to the attention of the Attorney General’s Office.

What is the most important thing about childhood?

This is the stage where the most important growth process occurs and where the subject acquires the minimum skills necessary to live and integrate into society. Among them, sphincter control, motor skills, language, reasoning, the acquisition of basic values, etc.

Why is it important for a child to have rights?

Child welfare is one of the goals of global progress. … This context shows the dependence of the child population and the dangers that jeopardize their growth and development. Therefore, by knowing and exercising their rights, children and adolescents improve their opportunities and quality of life.

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What is the Convention of Rights?

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is one of the legally binding international instruments that guarantee and protect human rights. The objective of the Convention, adopted in 1989, is to protect the rights of all the world’s children.

Family code

It is a very effective method because once you manage to impersonate someone it is much easier to follow the chain and take over the accounts of your contacts. We have spoken to several people who have been contacted by these attackers. Let’s take a look at their modus operandi.

We have many more testimonials along the same lines. The same story repeated over and over again that has been repeating itself, apparently, since August 2020. Once they access your account, they write the same message to all your contacts.

Some of the previous victims were able to recover their account by requesting another verification code and hastily entering it to regain control of the account. If that doesn’t work, the most effective thing to do is to contact WhatsApp directly to report the theft.

As to “what they intend with this theft”, Sergio Carrasco, lawyer expert in the right to be forgotten and cybersecurity among other specialties explains that it is “examples of phishing to gain access to the WhatsApp account, and that ends in spoofing”.