What does R mean on payslip?

Base salary in the payroll

The term “voluntary improvement” means only that the company pays the employee a salary higher than the minimum fixed in the collective labor agreement, so that the sum of the base salary and the voluntary improvement constitutes the employee’s gross salary, the total amount of which the company cannot automatically reduce.

Therefore, the employee’s contribution is always monthly, regardless of the frequency with which he/she receives his/her salary. On the other hand, the IRPF withholding is applied to each salary received, whether ordinary or extra-ordinary.

What does the payroll reflect?

The payroll is a mandatory document that the company delivers to its employees and that reflects a series of concepts that must be understood in order to know if the salary is the one agreed and if the withholdings applied are the appropriate ones. … These may be salary or non-salary.

What are the salary accruals?

Specifically, in terms of payroll management, accruals are all those salary items that an employee has generated in a month. Deductions have not yet been applied to these items. The sum of all the payments constitutes what is known as the employee’s gross salary.

What is an administrative payroll?

It is a document in which an employer lists salaries, deductions, net value paid, parafiscal contributions and appropriations of the workers who have worked in a determined period of time.

How to understand a payroll

The structure and amount of the employee’s salary payments, which, as we have said, are the result of the employment contract, are therefore a right of the employee and also an obligation for the company, which cannot modify them because this would be a substantial modification of the contract that can only be made under the conditions and with the consequences provided for in art. 41 of the Workers’ Statute.

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Therefore, its accrual and payment obligation does not depend on the will of the parties over time, but is fixed in the initial contract and subject to objective data that the company cannot dispose of at will.

However, collective bargaining agreements may establish more extraordinary payments within their scope of application (and it is not uncommon for them to do so). It is therefore common to find agreements that entitle the employee to three or four annual payments.

In commercial jobs, the incentive appears as variable remuneration calculated on the basis of the sales figures of the company, the work center or the worker’s own individual sales figures.

Where can I check my pay slips?

If you are a salaried employee and receive your payroll through a digital tax receipt, you can check your receipts in the SAT portal. Your employer is obligated to issue you a digital receipt of your payroll payment, to consult it you only need your password or e. firma (formerly electronic signature).

How do I know if the extra pay is prorated in the payroll?

The proration is a calculation that distributes the two extra payments among the 12 months of the usual salary. Therefore, in the monthly paycheck you receive you will find both concepts. In summary, to find out if the extra pay is prorated you have to look at the payroll payments.

What is a payroll and an example?

The payroll is a document that reflects the total amount to be received monthly by an employee, or salary, based on the services rendered to a company.

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Acronyms on a payroll

Every formal organization that employs personnel has to make salary payments to its employees for the performance of their work. For that reason, it is very important that each organization implements a competitive payment system, congruent with the organization’s strategies. This will allow you to develop a guideline in which the personnel feel motivated and have development in the organization.

Payroll calculation represents a process in which the salary policies established by the organization and the provisions of the labor system, regulated by the laws in force, must be considered.

To reflect the payment of salaries and benefits to workers, as well as the corresponding deductions, the company needs to prepare a document called payroll. This concept has been used in organizations in a polysemantic way, for example, we can find some concepts in synonym dictionaries, such as list, catalog, relation, record, enumeration, detail, among others.

What is a payroll?

Payroll is defined as the monthly or biweekly payments that the employer or company must make to its employees under an employment contract, including salaries, commissions, overtime, night, holiday and Sunday surcharges, discounts, etc.

What is the sample payroll?

Payroll is the sum of the financial records of employees’ salaries, including wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services rendered during a certain period of time.

What is the accrual supplement?

This is the supplement received by the employee when the company uses, in the implementation of his work, his knowledge of languages or the possession of a certain qualification that was not taken into account when setting the basic salary.


Payrolls are a basic document for any business that employs workers. In previous posts we have already told you how to read and understand your payroll as an employee, today we go to the other side and tell you everything you need to know to create a payroll step by step.

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Normally companies have a person or an entire department whose function is exclusively to calculate and make the payroll of all workers, but if you are an entrepreneur who has just started your business and you must do all this work yourself, pay attention to the key concepts that we present below to calculate and create the payroll of your employees.

Although you surely already know what a payroll consists of, it never hurts to review the basic concepts. The payroll is the document that employees receive from the company each month and which specifies the salary they have received that month for the work performed or their salary compensation.

But the payroll is much more than that, it is an invoice in which the relationship between company and employee is reflected and in which very important data appear to take into account for the employee as the contribution of the worker to the Social Security or the IRPF retention that is applied to him.