Hourly wages of cleaning personnel

Being an activity in which almost all the cost is in the salary of the workers, the update of remuneration will increase the price of the services provided by cleaning companies.

I work as a cleaner in for a domestic service agency.I work since 16 July 2020 and I have a working day of 26 hours a week.I want to know the salary changes depending on how many working days the month has? And what salary I have to charge.I ask because in January I charged 740€ and now for February 682€.

How much does a cleaner earn per month?

The average salary for a cleaning operator in Spain is 924 € per month.

How much does a cleaning worker earn 2021?

The average personal salary for janitors in Mexico is $54,000 per year or $27.69 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $48,000 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $72,000 per year.

Which cleaning company pays the best

It is important to know the value that cleaning adds to the work space, since it is totally related to disease prevention and hygiene. Therefore, in those work spaces where activities are performed on a daily basis, it is essential to have a team or cleaning staff to keep them in optimal conditions.

Cleaning staff is someone who performs general cleaning tasks, either in homes or in commercial establishments to ensure that all areas are kept clean and hygienic.

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Although there are no specific requirements to become housekeeping staff, employers are looking to find candidates who can effectively fulfill the duties, purpose and objectives of the role they will be assigned. Some skills may include:

Depending on the industry, previous experience will also be valued. For example, to clean a residence, previous jobs are not required, while if it is a five-star hotel, someone who has previously dealt with similar environments is required.

Sueldo convenio españa

Normally, the name that appears in the job offer will be based on the place where the work will be done, this makes it important to have clear information about the knowledge, skills and functions that you can perform as a cleaning operator.

In order for you to be clear on many of these aspects, here is a complete cleaning job description that I hope will be helpful in your creation of the professional profile for the cleaning position.

The cleaning sector is demanding more and more prepared professionals, and with great knowledge about chemicals and materials that help the disinfection and hygiene of their workplaces.

Therefore, although the cleaning profession is seen as a low-skilled occupation, the reality is that there are many functions, tasks and duties that a cleaning operator must know and implement correctly.

Cleaning professionals are in charge of knowing the best ways to disinfect the areas where we work, dust our homes and pick up the dirt from our streets among many other things.

How much a house cleaner earns

Those who have hired a person in the Special System of Household Employees must update their salary to adjust it to the minimum interprofessional wage and notify the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS). And they have time to do so until next Wednesday, March 31.

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For 2021 the remuneration cannot be less than 1,108.33 euros per month full time. That is 950 euros per month in 14 payments or 7.43 euros per hour. Labor has a portal that collects how to calculate the salary and other doubts.

If the salary is higher, the total amount paid must also be declared, including the prorations of extraordinary payments. In addition to this, there is also the obligation to declare any payment that is not monetary, whether it is food or lodging, and that is part of the salary of the workers.

If as of April 1 the employer has not declared the salary to the Treasury, “the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate will initiate inspection actions that may lead to penalties”, the agency warns.

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