Job Interview Questions We collect the questions that trip up most job candidates, as well as the best answers that could help you win the job.

Doing a job interview can make you feel like you’re back in school taking a test. However, instead of the “test” having a clear and correct answer, answering questions in these processes can sometimes be uncomfortable, mixed with the hope that you did well.

The problem: most candidates find this question overwhelming. Because it is a very broad and open-ended question, candidates are prone to ramble on, talking about their professional self in very generic and general terms, and basically restating their resume.

The problem: the biggest mistake candidates make with their answer focuses on how the position fits into their career plan, and how it will help them be more professionally satisfied and advance their career.

How to convince someone in a job interview?

It demonstrates a clear interest in the company and the job, two aspects that every recruiter looks for in their ideal candidate. You can also get closer to that person by looking for commonalities. In a job interview you want to make a good impression and this could help you do that.

What to do if I did poorly in a job interview?

“When an unforeseen event arises, it is advisable to contact the interviewer as soon as possible, apologizing and commenting that you will not be able to arrive at the scheduled time. This will give the interviewer the opportunity to reschedule the interview or anticipate a delay.

How do you describe yourself?

In a good description of yourself, your personal characteristics cannot be missing. It is interesting to provide information about how creative you are, how energetic, proactive and how good a partner you consider yourself to be.

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What to say in a job interview – strengths and weaknesses

To learn how to manage anxiety and restlessness, we recommend that you prepare in advance and review the questions you may be asked. It is important to prepare, avoid improvising and answer naturally and honestly.

To facilitate this task, psychologists Martin Seligman and Christopher Paterson created a selection of personal strengths applicable to all people. Below is a series of strengths and virtues that you can identify with:

To identify the strengths that best define your personality, Seligman and Peterson developed the VIA test based on 3 criteria: virtue, universality and learning. This test can be taken from the website of the University of Pennsylvania and consists of a 240-question questionnaire on what are the personal strengths of each person.

The goal of the recruiters is to find out if your strengths are aligned with the skills required for the vacancy you applied for, so don’t worry too much. They will only be looking to determine if you are confident enough to talk about yourself and know your communication skills.

What can I say about my personality?

If you want to talk about your personality, then you should start the sentence with “I am + adjectives” or perhaps “(I) am not + adjectives”. In addition, you can say what kind of person you would like to be by using the structure “I would like to be + adjective” (I would like to be…) or “I’ll try to be + adjective” (I’ll try to be…).

How would you describe yourself in a sample interview?

I am a results-oriented person, and my intention is to develop in a company like yours, because it allows me to explore solutions to problems, with clear work objectives. It is this environment that allows me to learn and continue to be challenged.

What to answer because I am the ideal candidate for the position?

“I am excited about the possibilities your company offers. I would like to be a part of your success in the future and want to help you grow through.” “This position offers exactly the type of challenges and responsibilities I am looking for and is a perfect fit with my skills and experience.”

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Job interview questions and answers pdf examples

No matter whether the interview will take place in person or online, it is advisable to organize everything with the same professionalism: be punctual, dress formally, have your CV available and inform yourself about the company. In addition, it is essential that you respond in an assertive, attractive and serious way to convince about your ability. This time, we share with you some tips for you to communicate with confidence and have a successful job interview.

Managers and recruiters are interested in knowing your professional skills. Therefore, if you are wondering what to say in a job interview, a fundamental aspect is to detail what your responsibilities were in your previous job and how you evolved. It is important that you are able to be self-critical, so if you are asked what your weaknesses are or what skills you think you are lacking, never say nothing. Instead, communicate clearly and concisely, and highlight your hard skills and soft skills.

One of the most frequently asked questions in a job interview is why you are interested in the vacancy in question and the company. So you should take advantage of the moment to show what you know about the organization (mission, vision, history), and what you think you could bring to the job through your knowledge and skills.

How to ask for a job by whatsapp examples?

If you are looking for your first job. The message would look like this: Hello (name of your contact), How are you? I have just finished my studies of (here you put what you have studied) Could you give me a hand?

How long should a job interview last?

Generally, in-person interviews last no less than 30 minutes, as this is the minimum time you will need to show what you know and the minimum time the people interviewing you need to get to know everything they want from you.

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What mistakes not to make in a job interview?

Do not answer too briefly or too extensively. You must be concrete, direct and with clear ideas. Above all, answer what you are asked, do not try to confuse the interviewer. Do not ask about the salary at the beginning of the interview.


Before going to a job interview, we always recommend practicing at home. From our training centers in the Canary Islands we give you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so that you know what to say in each case.

1. “Tell me about yourself”. Actually, this is not a question. However, answering it correctly can mean the difference between being suitable for the job. Try to explain your interests, strengths, skills and competencies. Avoid going on at length about irrelevant aspects and put more emphasis on aspects that relate to the job offer.

5. “Do you have any questions? This is one of the most common questions, although it is not often taken into account. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring it! Take the initiative and show that you have paid attention throughout the interview, as well as your interest in the job.

By Rachel Robison

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