Who is the CEO of Waitrose?

Waitrose: England’s most expensive supermarket!!!!

Unimarc has incorporated a new range of high quality British products in its stores through a commercial alliance with the Waitrose supermarket chain. A total of 46 products, mostly foodstuffs, are now available in its 340 stores in the country.

The initiative was carried out after a long process of analysis in different world markets, which concluded with the signing of Unimarc with one of the most prestigious consumer brands in the United Kingdom, thus becoming the gateway for the European firm in Chile and Latin America.

“As Unimarc, we are very pleased and proud to have been chosen by Waitrose to enter the Chilean market. This allows us to expand our product offer with exclusive alternatives, of great quality and flavor, and to better satisfy our customers”, explained the general manager of SMU (Unimarc’s holding company), Marcelo Gálvez, during the launching of the brand in the Los Militares store.

Unimarc’s own brands manager, Jimena Julian, said that “we have very convenient products, with prices that are even lower than those of the traditional brands on the market. That is the bet we are making through Waitrose: to offer quality within everyone’s reach”.


“The opening of Shell Recharge Fulham Road is a special moment for me personally and for Shell UK’s electric vehicle ambitions. I hope you can come and say hello,” said Bernie Williamson, Shell UK’s Managing Director of Mobility.

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The fuel retailer plans to expand its electric vehicle charging network to more than 5,000 charging points. Part of this development is the opening of its first electric vehicle center in the UK.

The canopy is made from wood slats glued together, which consumes far less energy to produce and transport than steel, solar panels are integrated into the canopy roof to cover about a quarter of the center’s electricity needs, and the double glazing has high insulating properties that reduce energy use for both cooling in summer and heating in winter.

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Inevitably, he was also asked about what were then rumors of the Morrisons/Ocado deal. Ocado was born under the umbrella of the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose’s parent company, and has grown thanks to the agreement between Waitrose and Ocado for the online sale of the Waitrose brand in London. The deal is about to come to an end, and Ocado has been developing its own MDD, but the relationship with Waitrose has given it valuable know-how in the areas of buying and customers, while allowing it to focus on systems and logistics, Ocado’s real strengths.

Simon Jack asked Mark Price if he felt that letting Ocado grow under his umbrella was a strategic mistake… the question is unanswered, but although we don’t know Mark Price’s opinion, we may get a sense of the answer in a few months’ time.

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Eliminating single-use plastics, such as carrier bags or water bottles, is at the forefront of Waitrose’s sustainability strategy and is a key reason for funding several projects to combat waste.

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The Waitrose supermarket chain has funded five projects with “real impact” in the fight against plastic pollution, including the development of fungi that can rapidly digest plastic waste.

Chosen from 150 applicants, the five winners received between £150,000 and £300,000 to rethink how people use and dispose of plastic, tackle plastic pollution and “create a tangible impact and leave a lasting legacy.”

Progress: The team has developed a beacon to mark fishing gear and trials are ongoing; data on the impact of ghost gear is being carried out by Plymouth University and will be published in 2021.

Progress: Has developed and trained four strains of mycelium; Formed a partnership to build a new community-based biological manufacturing industry in Watchet, Somerset; Further research on mycelium that absorbs and consumes plastic particles is planned.