Who is trying to take over Morrisons?

Dani Martin ft. Carla Morrison – Que se mueran de envidia (May they die of envy).

He talked about how Didio convinced them to return to DC Comics by essentially giving them a free hand for both Green Lantern. A deal that resulted in the recent Liam Sharp-illustrated volume of the character’s solo title, and for Superman, an offer Morrison claimed they accepted to stop the publisher’s tired plans to turn the canonical Superman into a fascist dictator.

“I told them, here’s what we’re doing. An older Superman that’s a little more outlaw, but without turning him into a bad guy,” they concluded. “Showing that he still has a sense of humanity, and even when he doesn’t have his powers, he’s still willing to fight for good.”

Response to Vuelve (Beret/Sebastián Yatra) – LETRA NINNA

Then the user mentions that he went through the concert and forgot the theory a little bit, until he detailed that the captions of two photos of Drake and Kim had a lot of similarity (not to say that they are copied), saying Drizzy’s “i’m shy”/”soy tímido” and Kimberly’s “i’m really shy”/”soy muy tímida”.

The user then comments that he kept listening to the Scorpion album to see if anything could be found, and by surprise the first song that played was In My Feelings. As most know, that song is dedicated to a ‘KiKi’ who it was never made clear who she was, but apparently @tmorrison24 got the answer.

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Then analyzing the song Survival, also by Scorpion, we can notice that the first verses could be for Kanye but… Something that no one had noticed is that a lyric could be for ‘KiKi’, when Drizzy asks, “who do you really love, is that for sure in question?” .

If we go back a while, we can recall J Prince’s statements where he claimed that Drake was indeed going to respond to Pusha-T’s second diss and that both he and Kanye were going to end up really affected, but Prince himself advised Drizzy not to do so and stay out of it. @tmorrison24 following this, noticed that on 8 Out 10 Drake tries to tell Kanye that he was really lucky since he didn’t respond.


Don’t get me wrong, Multiversity has some pretty interesting chapters and ideas, but taking them as a whole… the cohesion between the stories is minimal, the narrative excuse poor and the conclusion is among the most pathetic I’ve seen in a long time. LOTS. TIME.

Thunderworld – Supreme. back to the silver age tone with a mythical character? Is it just me seeing the resemblance? Others say it’s more Promethea, but since it’s also a Moore comic as we’re on the same page.

I admit that this theory is not 100% mine but I got the original idea from here, but damn, it all fits perfectly. All Multiversity is Morrison’s fangirls trying to get Moore-senpai to listen to him, but when it comes down to it, it ends up being a bunch of churros and with Moore-senpai sending him to hell.

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Building a lore is a foundation. Talking about your world and expanding it is fine. But that’s NOT. IS. ENOUGH. If you’re going to talk about something, you’d better deal with it. Does Chekhov’s Gun ring a bell? Basically, this dramatic principle postulates that we should eliminate everything that has no relevance to the story. So, if you said in the first chapter that there was a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it must inevitably be taken down. If it is not going to be fired, it should not have been put there.


Just 2 hours and 15 minutes before every game, the 6-foot-2 Charlotte Bobcats rookie eats the same meal: meat, boiled potatoes and vegetables. He knows how his body and blood glucose will respond to this and says it gives him the right amount of energy to play a game without suffering a slump.

And not once, despite the high physical demands of the sport, has he ever had to go to the hospital because of a slump. “The question is knowing what you’re putting in your body,” he says. “It can be tough being young, trying to be a healthy person, but you have to bring a discipline. Sometimes that discipline requires a little bit of sacrifice, he says. There were times at Gonzaga that he would have loved to join his buddies at a party, but he knew it wouldn’t help either his diabetes or his performance on the court. “Fortunately, I had friends who knew what was right and wrong for me and understood,” he says.

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Morrison says this support from his friends and family has been critical to his coping with diabetes and his success as a player. “I had a good circle that knew what to do if an emergency happened. It’s important to let the right people know what’s wrong with me so they can be prepared,” he said.