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Since I started writing here, I have been wanting to talk about Tesco supermarkets. It is not only a distribution giant, but it is a diversified company, almost going to a conglomerate level starting from the base of millions of customers who shop in its stores spread across the British Isles, has the perfect supermarket arrived?

In 1984 it delivered its first online purchase, although the Tesco.com store didn’t open until 1994, and since then it hasn’t stopped growing. In that time the company has proceeded to expand geographically and sectorally.

Tesco’s competition comes mainly from the three other major British supermarket chains (WalMart Group’s ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s), but also from the German low-cost chains (Aldi and Lidl) at the lower end of the market and from the premium supermarkets of Waitrose and Marks & Spencer at the more premium end of the market. It also competes with the Co-operative shop in more proximity trade and with Iceland in frozen food (in addition to many other distributors in the United Kingdom).

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Until that day, stores had kept all their goods behind the counter. After waiting his or her turn, a customer would tell the shopkeeper what he or she wanted, and the shopkeeper would pick it up and bag it. The customer simply had to pay. That was his role. Then along came a guy named Clarence Saunders, and he changed everything. He is the founding father of retail as we know it today.

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Go to the Internet and type, for example, “Clarence Saunders supermarkets”, and you will see that there are hardly any mentions or (brief) articles in Spanish about the true founding father of modern retailing. And not even the magazines specialized in the distribution sector have dedicated the minimum lines, or enough, from my point of view, to this pioneer who has given so much to all retail professionals. Something absolutely unfair. Knowing his biography, his legacy and his strategies will give us many clues as to what will happen in the future.

– Sales area, located in the delivery after passing a turnstile, and he devised a planogram so that customers would have to walk through the store and pass in front of all the products on display, which were displayed on shelves or in cabinets. The perishables would be located inside a glass cooler.

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has urged the European Parliament to include selling at a loss in the European directive against unfair commercial practices in the food chain.

Ion Cuervas-Mons is, by definition, an entrepreneur. He studied Architecture, and from the beginning of his career he was attracted by technology in smart city and connected home projects. He worked on the construction of the Madrid pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in 2010, and there he soaked up the transformation that the Asian giant was undergoing, with the irruption of 3G mobiles and the takeoff of e-commerce.

The US retail chain Walmart is negotiating the possibility of divesting the Japanese supermarket firm Seiyu as part of the reorganization of its global presence, the Nikkei newspaper reported today.

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U.S. retailer Walmart is negotiating the possibility of divesting Japanese supermarket firm Seiyu as part of a reorganization of its global presence, the Nikkei newspaper reported today.12/07 | EFE

Tesco case

The British supermarket chain Tesco today blamed its supplier for the discovery of minced horsemeat in its hamburgers and announced that it will introduce a DNA check on its meat products to ensure “quality”.

He said the company “wants to avoid consumers being in any doubt that everything possible will be done to ensure the quality of the food and that the food they buy contains exactly what it says on the label”.

Smith further explained that Tesco had dispensed with Silvercrest’s services as that supplier had sourced meat from outside the UK or Ireland, contrary to what it had been asked to do.

“Accordingly we have decided not to take products from that supplier in the future. We take that decision with regret but the breach of trust is simply too great,” Smith said.

The contract between Tesco and Silvercrest was worth around €15 million. The supplier has also already lost another deal with the US chain Burger King, valued at 30 million euros.

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