Payroll process in human resources

On some occasions, there may be problems in the collection of wages. It is possible that the company is going through some difficulties and can not pay the payroll to employees, although there are also situations in which bad business practices are carried out that hinder the total or partial collection of the agreed salary. These situations are obviously very worrying for the employee because he has to face with the monthly payroll the payment of the rent of the apartment or mortgage, in addition to the receipts of basic services such as electricity or water and, of course, the food. If you are in this situation, you are probably wondering: what do I do if my boss does not pay me? From unCOMO, we are going to explain what you can do to solve this situation as soon as possible.

Whenever the worker has complied with the conditions of the employment contract and the company does not pay the payroll, one of the claims that have to be made are the amounts owed or pending payment.This can apply to both the entire salary and a part of it and the amounts to be received for working on holidays or extra days. In addition, it is not necessary to have a minimum amount to be able to initiate this way of claim in which you have to follow several steps, always from the sixth day of the month following the one in which you should have been paid and without stopping working:You may also be interested in this other article of unCOMO on What to do if my boss does not pay me my severance pay.

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What to do if I don’t receive my pay slips?

If your company does not pay you the respective salaries or you suffer continuous delays in your salary, you can sue the company, either to regularize the situation and collect the amounts owed or to request the termination of the employment relationship.

Who has to sign the payroll?

In principle, the payrolls are signed by the legal representative, who can be the president, the secretary or another authorized person, and who is the one who appears in the labor contract of the workers, as the representative of the company. And also the employee, of course.

How do I get my pay slips?

If you are a salaried employee and receive your payroll through a digital tax receipt, you can check your receipts in the SAT portal. Your employer is obligated to issue you a digital receipt of your payroll payment, to consult it you only need your password or e. firma (formerly electronic signature).

It is mandatory to provide a receipt for your paycheck

What can we help you with? What do I do if my company does not pay me? If your company does not pay you the respective paychecks or you suffer continuous delays in your salary, you can sue the company, either to regularize the situation and collect the amounts owed or to request the termination of the employment relationship.

If you want to continue working for the company, you can claim the amounts owed (the hours or services you have already performed) that have not been paid to you.

How long does it take to upgrade?

The following requirements must be met: Perform higher functions for a period of more than six months for one year or eight months for two years, or the time established by the collective bargaining agreement. The provisions of the collective bargaining agreement regarding promotions must be complied with.

What to do if I do not receive a pay stub?

Failure to deliver the salary receipt constitutes a serious misconduct on the part of the employer, and may result in the indirect dismissal of the employee, after a reliable notice (by telegram) granting the legal term.

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How long can I go without a paycheck?

In order to claim their salary, the courts usually require a minimum period of three months without being paid. During this period, the employee must go to his or her job so as not to face situations that could cause him or her to lose the paychecks owed and even lose the right to compensation and even unemployment benefits.

They ask for my payroll receipt

Remuneration in kind is part of the flexible remuneration systems, which are becoming more and more widespread within companies and which allow the employee to decide what part of the salary he/she wants to receive in cash and what part in products or services. This type of remuneration has advantages for both the employee and the company, but it is essential that both are aware of the tax treatment of the products that are usually included in flexible remuneration plans (PRF).

The amounts received by the employee as indemnities or allowances for expenses incurred as a result of his or her work activity, Social Security benefits and indemnities and indemnities corresponding to transfers, suspensions or dismissals will not be considered as salary.

The signing of the payroll is gradually being replaced by sending it electronically or even by the employee’s own downloading from the company’s intranet, since although article 29 of the Workers’ Statute specifies that “the documentation of the salary shall be made by means of the delivery to the employee of an individual receipt justifying the payment thereof, it does not specify the form in which the payroll must be sent to the employee.

What are the professional categories?

This was a professional classification in which, in addition to specifying the job to be performed, the percentage of social security contribution or the remuneration according to the collective agreement was determined. …

How long can you work as a laborer in a company?

The duration of an internship contract must be more than six months and less than two years. However, the exact duration may be determined by the respective collective bargaining agreements for each sector.

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How to request an upgrade?

In order to claim your promotion as a worker, you must file a lawsuit, such claim must be made by the person to the company for which he/she works, requesting such professional promotion. The procedure is regulated in Article 137 of the Law Regulating the Social Jurisdiction.


The accounting people are the ones who handle the accounts and the salary calculations, they see how much will be deductions, withholdings, overtime and everything that must be added so that the salaries are accurate. On the human resources side, they are attentive to establish the salary that will be given to each employee, also in selection and hiring, in assigning vacations, keeping track of attendance and absences, among other situations.

It can be said that the accounting area is oriented to the compensation of workers while HR is oriented to the relationship between employee and organization. However, this does not mean that they do not have a meeting point.

Payroll processes involve two important aspects such as payroll and tax reporting. It is important to have documentation and records stored of what is done, as well as confirmation of payments made. The activities of this area are crucial because they ensure that tax regulations are complied with; they also review the contractions.

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