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Truck drivers demand security on northern routes and Minister Delgado confirms trip for dialogue. The death of truck driver Byron Castillo (25), last Thursday, after an altercation with irregular migrants on the Mejillones-Antofagasta route, generated a chain reaction from his colleagues, who minutes later began road blockades, which were maintained yesterday, to pressure the Government to solve the security issue affecting them. During yesterday afternoon, colleagues from Copiapó, Coquimbo, Valparaíso and Talca joined the mobilization, causing major traffic jams in the main roads of the country and the accesses to the ports.(Página C1)

Marcela Hernando (PR), future Minister of Mining: “This is a government of dialogue; nobody comes to plunder anybody, we are looking for Chile to have a fair retribution”. Regarding the initiatives within the Convention that seek to nationalize mining companies, Hernando asks to put “the ball on the floor” and invites all sectors to generate the appropriate consensus. In addition, the current deputy states that “for the coalition that is the governing axis, it was a hard blow not to come out first in the first round (…) and to understand that it was necessary to join other forces”.

Housing Law 2020

Deputies of the party introduced a bill -distinct from those already under discussion in Congress- so that the new pension savings transfer is authorized only in three specific situations.

The deputies of Renovación Nacional, Tomás Fuentes and Jorge Durán, presented a new bill that allows a fourth withdrawal of pension funds but in exceptional situations, this in the middle of the discussion of this initiative that is being carried out in Congress.

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This new project aims at withdrawing funds in situations such as, for example, when a person retires with less than 1,700 UF or 50 million pesos, to establish a withdrawal of up to 350 UF to pay the footing of the first house or to withdraw the money in case of terminal illnesses.

Durán explained that they held a meeting with the presidential candidate of Chile Vamos, Sebastián Sichel, who has shown himself to be against this initiative, but who now “is open to being able to support this in the next government through the support of the Executive”.

Housing Law 2021

For Francisco Calderón, expert in real estate consulting and CEO of Brokers Digitales, “the real estate market responds to all types of segments. Are there properties for 10, 15 or 20 million pesos? The answer is yes, in rural sectors, peripheral sectors, in low urbanization segments.”

“People are used to think a lot in Santiago. In more populated communities, an apartment will cost from 45 million pesos upwards. So, to say houses of 10 or 15 million is ridiculous in comparison with Santiago”, warns Calderón.

At the same time, he remarks that “when these extreme examples are given, the average is not taken. It is important to see how much is the average and not so much what the extremes are like. Beyond the caricature, it is important to see what the average is and that is from properties ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 UF in Chile”.

Schnitzer stresses that “technically, she is not lying, but she is referring to the 1% of people who would like to buy something like that. Houses in urban areas are not worth 25 million. In a rural area, with a prefabricated house, one could have that house with that amount of money. Now, as it is a property that most Chileans do not like, it is not a good basis. It is like taking 3% of something and with that you could validate the other 97%.

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Regulation of the housing law

The qualification of such interest is within the competence of the Legislative Power, whose power to declare it does not recognize any other limit than the impertinence of exercising it for the purpose or with the consequence of the exclusive individual interest”, said Villegas Basavilbaso.

The qualifying function, according to Fiorini, must be exercised within the framework of the Constitution, since an expropriation law cannot erase the principles of legality contained in every Constitution.

Expropriation is not limited to the property of private individuals; the domain of a Provincial State and even its public domain may also be expropriated. Article 5 of Law 21,499 establishes that the expropriation shall refer specifically to specific assets and shall affect them in whole or in part. In addition, it may refer generically to property necessary for the construction of a work or the execution of a plan or project, and in such case, the direct link or connection between them must be established.

The law contemplates cases in which the procedural initiative comes from the owner or holder of the property or thing to be expropriated, in order for the State to compensate the person who has been deprived of his property right due to a legal or factual situation created by the former; this is the so-called irregular expropriation. In regular expropriation, on the other hand, such procedural initiative is taken by the State.

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