Can I get PCC on the same day?


Movimiento 26 de Julio, Partido Socialista Popular, Directorio Revolucionario 13 de marzo (coordinated in Organizaciones Revolucionarias Integradas and later unified in the Partido Unido de la Revolución Socialista de Cuba).

The PCC of Fidel Castro originates from this moment, with the formation of the IROs, which will be purged “of the errors of sectarianism” committed by some leaders and, on March 26, 1962, are unified as the United Party of the Socialist Revolution of Cuba (PURSC), finally being constituted on October 3, 1965, as the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

For its internal functioning, the Central Committee is organized into departments, whose work is subordinated to the Secretariat of the Central Committee. There are also other structures subordinate to the Central Committee such as the Office of Religious Affairs, the Higher School of the Party or the Granma Newspaper. Its highest authorities may be members of the Central Committee or simple Party militants who are designated for these administrative functions.

How to obtain the ICF certification?

Requirements: Completion of an entire ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Verify your program approval below. A minimum of 500 hours (440 paid *) of coaching experience with at least 25 clients after the start of your coach-specific training.

How many hours of coaching are needed?

Minimum requirements: 60 hours of specific coaching training and 100 hours of client experience. Minimum requirements: 125 hours of specific coaching training and 500 hours of client experience.

What certification do I need to become a coach?

The certificate is necessary and it is not. There is no official coaching certificate, although some schools imply that they are official certificates, this is not correct. Coaching is a non-regulated profession, it is not recognized and therefore has no official certification.

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Icf españa

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What is PCC coach?

The PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certification is the second level of professional coaching training. The different levels correspond to training, experience and demonstration of professional competencies in a rigorous examination.

What is the ICF certificate?

The International Coach Federation is the world’s leading organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession through the definition of high standards, independent certification and the creation of a global network of accredited coaches.

How many sessions are needed in a coaching process?

A process usually consists of a minimum of 4 sessions, although for more lasting results, coaching processes of 8 to 10 sessions are recommended.

Icf coaching

To raise money to finance the group, PCC members require “brothers” (associates) to pay a monthly fee of 50 reais if they are detained and 500 reais if they are released. The money is used to buy weapons and drugs, as well as to finance actions to rescue prisoners connected to the group. To become a member of the PCC, the criminal needs to be “baptized”, that is, introduced by another who is already part of the organization and to comply with a 16-item statute, drafted by the founders. Due to the weakening of the Red Command in Rio de Janeiro, which has lost several drug sales points in Rio, the PCC has taken advantage of this to gain commercial ground and reach its current position as the largest criminal faction in Brazil.

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How long can a coaching process last?

Between 4 and 6 months. Frequency of sessions: every 2 or 3 weeks.

How much does it cost to become a certified coach?

The high standards required by the industry are those that regulate specific coaching training. A good executive coaching program ranges from $25,000 to $70,000, depending on the institution, duration, modality, coaching training, among other aspects.

How much does a coach certification cost?

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) by Curriculum Libre

400€ A single payment. 120€ annual fee as a member, depending on the month of the year in which you become a member of ASESCO you will pay the proportional part of the annual fee of the current year.

ICF Accredited Schools

ICF has pioneered the self-regulation of the coaching profession and certifies three levels of professional training. The different levels correspond to training, experience and demonstration of professional competencies in a rigorous examination.

* ACTP pathway: when the specific coaching training program received and completed by the coach is accredited by ICF as an ACTP program, having successfully completed and passed all exams and program requirements.

Depending on the level of certification (ACC, PCC, MCC), documentation must be submitted to prove the hours of training and experience required of the candidate. In the case of applicants accessing through the “via Portfolio”, “via ACSTH” and in the MCC application, they must also demonstrate the Key Coaching Competencies through an oral exam, which consists of presenting one or two recordings of real coaching sessions with clients.

Confidentiality: In accordance with the Code of Ethics, and current data protection law, you must have prior to submitting your certification application the individual consent of each of the clients to be included and submitted in the record of coaching hours to ICF. Consent must be in writing. Individuals who do not consent to have their names and information included in this log must be removed from the log. In the event that you have coached third parties through an organization that wishes to maintain the confidentiality of the coachees, the names of confidential clients must be indicated in the registration table with aliases or initials, and a letter of reference from that organization must be available as additional documentation to the client table. This letter must be signed by the person in charge of the organization, specifying the coaching processes carried out through the organization and the details of the total hours and dates carried out for each of the coachees or members of the organization. This letter, as well as the individual authorizations and the corresponding table of hours, must be available to ICF before the formal submission of the application.

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