Can you call customs about a package?

How to know if my order is in customs chile

2015, secure payment platforms, online stores on the other side of the planet and scandalous prices, the perfect combination for us to spend all our money.Sometimes they are typical junk that are in the bazaar around the corner, but others have the opportunity to import smartphones and accessories with a quality – price practically unbeatable.  We lack fingers to count Chinese manufacturers and competition is increasing, if the play goes well, we will have made a great purchase, but if we twist, maybe it was not worth so much.

We have already given you a few tips for when buying Chinese Android phones, we have also talked about warranties, what they cover us and who we have to turn to, we have even written about a bad experience, when you buy a smartphone from China, it is broken and you have to return it.  Now it’s time to talk about customs.

Ordinary procedureWe come to the most “complex” case, this is the situation where the package is stopped by customs, does not have an invoice attached or has a value greater than 150€ (it can be declared or because the agents have not believed the value put by the seller). In this case the package does not arrive home, but will be retained at Customs and we will receive a Notice at home with the instructions to follow, that is: documents to present and regularization of import duties by paying the corresponding taxes and duties. In this situation we can act in three ways: to make the steps personally going to Customs, to hire the services of a customs agent or, the option that practically everybody chooses, to use the Post Office as the representative to make the steps, so that you do not have to move from home.Thus, the fees to be paid to the Post Office will be: Ordinary import DUA + Retention in the warehouse (called Factaje) + VAT 21% of the value of the package + a tariff that will depend on the content of the package (it is consulted in the TARIC code base).

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How to claim a package at customs?

How to recover a package in customs? If it is in customs, you will receive a Single Administrative Document (SAD) by mail. To release the package, you will have to fill in the import goods declaration sheets correctly, scan them and, together with the invoice, send them to the adtpostales website.

How long can a package stay in customs?

How long can a package be held at customs?

Normally, packages that are held at customs usually take between 7 and 30 days to be released, although this period can be extended to as long as 60 days or, even worse, may not be released at all.

How to pay for a package at customs?

To pay, you just have to go to the post office, once paid you will receive your package. To see the whole process you can click here which will take you to the main website of the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT).

Customs Spain

In addition to fast customs clearance for your daily international shipments, we offer the expertise and depth of resources necessary to help you transport goods that require special customs treatment at little or no additional cost. Services include:

We are ahead of the curve when it comes to customs programs, such as remote consignment services and entry reconciliation, all of which help keep your business ahead of the curve, when it comes to international trade.

What happens if my package is in customs?

If for any reason you decide not to claim a package held in customs, you should know that usually after a period of about 20 days and in normal conditions, the shipment will be returned to the sender, so you can no longer recover it unless you agree otherwise with him, so keep this in mind to …

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What is the customs value?

Customs value is the total value of all items in your shipment and determines the import duties payable by the recipient of the package.

What happens if my Shein package is in customs?

When the package is held in customs you still have to do some of these steps: Wait about two weeks for them to contact you: they will call you from customs for you to report, give receipts and proof of your purchase of the package.

Parcel held at fedex customs

Customs is an official agency that deals with the regulation of all activities associated with the entry and exit of goods, people and capital from a country. Basically, its mission is to carry out fiscal, health, safety and security controls and international trade statistics.

They are located at strategic points such as borders, coasts, airports and railway terminals. In addition to managing entries and exits, they are also responsible for collecting taxes imposed by law.

Customs end up conditioning in some way the course of international shipments, either with a delay in delivery times or with an increase in the price of the products. Who should pay the customs costs?

Before making any international shipment, we recommend that you find out about the restrictions and taxes imposed by each customs office. This way you will avoid delays in delivery times.

Whether you plan to sell your products abroad or you are sending a package to a relative, you must inform the recipient about their obligations, which include the payment of customs duties at destination.

How long does it take for a package to clear customs in Chile?

In case the shipment is selected for physical inspection, Customs carries it out in a maximum of 5 days. If the products comply with the regulations and do not have to pay taxes, they are released within this period so that Correos can continue the distribution process.

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How do I know if my package is in El Salvador customs?

You can make your inquiries in person or by phone by calling 2244-5182, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to help you solve your doubts. And on weekends through our electronic channels: social networks, our mobile app and [email protected]

How to determine the customs value?

The VEA as we know the Customs Value is the sum of the supplier’s invoice (the transaction value) plus any incremental charges the importer has had to pay (e.g. freight, insurance, packing materials) until the goods arrive in national territory, which means just before …

How to know if my package is in customs shein

Also, all postal shipments with goods from the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla or countries outside Europe are subject to border security controls and certain import formalities, necessary to release the shipments from Customs and receive them at your home.

The export Dua, in addition to the benefits indicated above, allows that in case a merchandise returns to the territory, it can be accredited that it is a community merchandise, which left in a sale, in such a way that when returning and being reimported, it avoids that the exporter, has to pay the VAT to the reimportation of that merchandise.