Do petrol stations have ANPR cameras?

HIKVISION license plate recognition cameras

In several European countries and in the United States, service stations, during daytime hours and in some cases 24 hours a day, operate in self-service mode: the customer fills up with fuel and then goes to the cashier to pay the corresponding amount.

Minimizing the risk, which always exists, that a customer serves himself fuel and then does not pay the corresponding amount, requires a solution that may be linked to an increase in personnel to supervise customers or install ANPR systems.

When the “customer” tries to repeat the operation in another service station of the group, the ANPR system recognizes his license plate, checks the black list and if it confirms that the license plate is part of it, you can choose to disable the dispenser and not dispense fuel to the customer or require prepayment for that dispenser.

In Fx2 we are dedicated to research and work with recognition technologies and automatic extraction of information from images or videos. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems are based on these technologies.

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Naturally, interest in systems of this type in sectors where the return on this investment is not perceptible or immediate has greatly diminished. However, applying ANPR technology to virtually any industry or activity always brings benefits:

Typically in many countries in Europe, gas stations, during daytime hours, operate in self-service mode, where the customer is served the fuel and when he finishes he passes through the cashier to pay the corresponding amount.

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One of the ways of trying to minimize this theft has been the installation of ANPR systems connected to the management system of the pumps, and very often with the video recording system (NVR) that the gas station already has.

With the rise of the Smartcity concept, these systems are called to be deployed little by little throughout our towns and cities, interconnected with other ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) systems.

Do petrol stations have anpr cameras? 2022

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You probably know that in the early 1990s, statisticians in most developed countries of the world recorded a significant decrease in crime, from 70 to 80 percent. The reason for which, as criminologists would later establish, was the widespread introduction of technical security systems. There are many types of security systems and it is obvious that the effectiveness is different for all of them. If you analyze the effectiveness of various security systems (video surveillance, burglar alarms, etc.), you will find that the highest efficiency is found precisely in traffic control systems.

Do petrol stations have anpr cameras? 2021

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DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING 2 GENERAL OBJECTIVE To become familiar with image analysis through computers, learning processing techniques, using the OpenCV programming library,

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