How can I speed up my DBS?

Epc volkswagen solution

In addition, the car is in charge of battery management and decides how and when to recharge the battery in the most efficient way, taking advantage of inertia and braking moments, converting kinetic energy into electric energy.

The big advantage is that you save fuel and emissions. If this battery has a charge, pressing the starter button will activate the electric motor. In this way you will be able to drive the first kilometers without noise, without consumption and without emissions.

When your hybrid starts, it uses the electric motor and you will feel that the response is immediate. This is due precisely to the special characteristics of the electric motor. If you use the accelerator smoothly, you will get more out of it. On the energy recovery system indicator, located on the left of the instrument panel, you can see what type of driving you are doing. This indicator has three zones: Charge, when recharging, ECO, when driving efficiently, and Power, when more power is needed.

Epc volkswagen gol solution

The EPC warning light of your car may indicate a fault in the acceleration system of your car. To solve it, the ideal is to go to your mechanic to scan the vehicle and detect the root cause of the fault.

Like the Check Engine light on other brands, an EPC light on Volkswagen Group cars can be a generic warning.  When the powertrain computer recognizes a reading that is outside the normal specifications of a system, it is stored in the computer as a fault code, or EPC code in the case of Volkswagen vehicles.

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It turns out that just after passing the ITV of the car with a favorable result, when taking the highway and more or less at 100km per hour, I have turned on the ECP test and the car has stopped accelerating. I stopped on the shoulder, turned off the car, turned it back on and everything was perfect. I have read on the internet that the ECP is the electronic engine control system. What should I do now? Should I worry or can it be a simple electronic failure? I bought the car 4 days ago and so far it has been running smoothly. Anyway, let’s see what you can tell me. It is a TT Roadster 1.8T, the one with 180hp.

The ideal to know the specific failure is to put the diagnosis, mine happens sometimes, it may be the tail light bulbs, you have a fused or different watts consumption or failure of the accelerator pedal … among other things …

The ideal to know the specific fault is to put the diagnosis, mine happens sometimes, it may be the taillight bulbs, you have a fused or different watts consumption or failure of the accelerator pedal … among other things …

What does epc mean

A large number of accidents are caused by a terrible combination of human error and adverse environmental factors, such as a summer storm, frost or an animal crossing the road. We would then be faced with an understeer, oversteer or braking/dodging maneuver. However, there is another series of accidents where only the human factor is involved. One of these cases is known as acceleration error.

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In accident cases, drivers, almost instinctively because they are used to driving a vehicle with manual transmissions, try to press the clutch with the left foot and the brake with the right. The trigger, in these cases, is that the brake and accelerator pedals are depressed at the same time, or only the accelerator is depressed, thinking that the brake was being depressed. The driver does not realize his mistake and intuits that the car has accelerated automatically.