What to do in case of a forest fire

A good rule to follow during a home fire drill is to check if everyone can safely get out of the house using the escape routes and be outside and in the same place within 3 minutes. To make it more challenging, you could try some variations, such as simulating that the front door is locked and cannot be used to exit through.

An evacuation plan can help all family members get out of a burning house. The idea is to get out quickly and safely. Smoke from a fire can make it hard to see where things are. So it is important to learn and remember the different ways to get out of the house. How many exits are there? How can you get to them from your bedroom? You may want to have your family make a floor plan that shows the evacuation plan.

One of the exits may be blocked by smoke or fire, so you will need to know where the other exits are. If you live in an apartment building, you will need to know the best way to get to the stairwell or other emergency exits.

How to act in the event of a fire

Fires are a major threat in the workplace, given the countless losses and damage they can cause in terms of material and, in the most serious cases, the countless people who may be affected.

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To prevent your company from suffering a brutal setback that can even lead to bankruptcy, to protect everything that belongs to it (machinery, infrastructure, important documentation, etc.), as well as to ensure the health and safety of your workers, your company must have measures for the prevention and control of fires and updated safety and evacuation plans.

Many companies are not aware of the great importance of this issue and many of them still do not comply with the current preventive regulations to safeguard and watch over their material assets, their equipment and their human resources.

Without these three key aspects (human resources, material resources and equipment) a company cannot function and is forced to close down. A fire can, in a matter of a few minutes, take away these key aspects and lead a company to complete ruin. Therefore, from Acció Preventiva Europreven Catalunya, we want to show you 6 essential phases to carry out a safe and effective evacuation.

What to do in case of fire at school

The Municipality intensifies the tasks that allow transmitting the main knowledge for dealing with emergencies and catastrophe situations, training the community in their role as assistants and collaborators.

In only 3 minutes, 275 people were evacuated, including students, teaching staff and directors of the institution, which permanently transmits the essential knowledge for the approach of first aid and the roles in drills.

The Secretary of Citizen Protection, Nicolás Kripper, stated that “this is the school that works best in terms of evacuation. We recorded correct and correct self-protection measures, we were able to listen to the voices of command which are important to organize and take home the experience to transmit to the whole family”.

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“Being prepared is the best way to defend oneself against complex situations such as an earthquake or fire and it helps us all to save lives”, concluded the official at the meeting point located at the San Bernardo Convent.

What to do in case of fire for children

In order to control a dangerous situation in a school, it is necessary that all the people in the school provide an organized response. It is therefore essential to assign responsibilities and roles to all members of the school in the event of an emergency. The positions of responsibility and the general actions to be taken are specified below.

Usually, the task of raising or activating the alarm is assigned to a person who is not directly responsible for the students and who is close to the alarm system (whatever system it is) at the moment of receiving the emergency alert and can activate it quickly. The button that activates the alarm system can be in different places, depending on the school. This person will always act according to the instructions of the emergency manager.

As in the previous case, it should be someone who does not have direct responsibility for the students and who at the time of the emergency is the person closest to the building’s maintenance facilities. In the case of evacuation, his action is aimed at blocking the elevator and the freight elevator, previously checking that they are empty. In the same way, you must close the general gas tap and the electric current.

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