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Occupational safety and health, including compliance with OSH requirements under national laws, is the responsibility and duty of the employer. The employer should show strong leadership and commitment to OSH activities in the organization, and make arrangements for the establishment of an OSH management system that includes the main elements of policy, organization, planning and implementation, evaluation and action for improvement, as shown in Figure 1.

The employer’s policy is to ensure the safety and health of workers, to allocate sufficient resources and personnel to accomplish this task, and to commit to ensuring the participation of workers to achieve it.

The person in charge of OSH is responsible for ensuring a safe workplace, being accountable to management in fulfilling that responsibility, and keeping workers informed. He or she can improve his or her skills by attending training courses.

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Order ECD/65/2015, of January 21, describing the relationships between competencies, contents and evaluation criteria for primary education, compulsory secondary education and baccalaureate.See consolidated text.

Similarly, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), since the implementation of the PISA program (Programme for International Student Assessment), states that a student’s success in life depends on the acquisition of a wide range of competencies. For this reason, several projects have been carried out aimed at developing a conceptual framework that defines and identifies the “competencies necessary to lead a personally and socially valuable life in a modern democratic state” (Definition and Selection of Competencies, DeSeCo, 1999, 2003).

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DeSeCo (2003) defines competence as “the ability to respond to complex demands and carry out diverse tasks adequately”. Competence “involves a combination of practical skills, knowledge, motivation, ethical values, attitudes, emotions, and other social and behavioral components that are mobilized together to achieve effective action”. They are thus seen as knowledge in practice, i.e., knowledge acquired through active participation in social practices and, as such, can be developed both in the formal educational context, through the curriculum, and in non-formal and informal educational contexts.

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The evaluation allows the establishment of appropriate compensation policies for each team to incentivize the achievement of objectives. Many companies offer benefits or variable salary depending on the objectives achieved.

With the evaluation, you will be able to make decisions about career opportunities that one or more employees may be eligible for. Why go looking for talent outside if you already have it within the organization?

Sometimes an employee’s performance can be influenced by external factors such as family, health, money, etc. If these factors arise, your company can help. A case in point is the arrival of a new family member. A company can offer childcare vouchers for employees who have just become mothers or fathers at no cost to you.

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4. Evaluation of working conditionsBOOK III. REPORTING, RATING AND EVALUATION OF PERMANENT DISABILITIESCHAPTER III. Qualification of occupational diseasesA. General ProtocolCHAPTER IV. Rating process4. Evaluation of working conditionsEvaluation of working conditions.

Within these are the study of the work position, the evaluations of physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psychosocial specific risks or in the context of surveillance protocols elaborated by the Ministry of Health, the occupational history and the other antecedents that serve as a source of information for the qualification. The application of the evaluations, occupational history and other antecedents must be carried out by professionals with specific competences in the same.

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