Time period for the retention of administrative documents in Mexico

Important documents prove the occurrence of certain events and are used to document financial transactions. You may need them at various times in your life. For example, a birth certificate is used to prove age when starting school, to obtain a driver’s license, or to apply for social security benefits. It is also needed by relatives to obtain a death certificate. Financial records are the key to your financial situation, are essential to help you save money on income taxes, and provide an indication of your financial progress during your lifetime.

Valuable documents can be classified into two types: those that are needed for everyday use and those that are needed occasionally. Examples of frequently used valuable documents include driver’s license, credit cards, health insurance card, bank account records, identity card, and special health documentation, such as those indicating allergies, disabling conditions, and blood type. Examples of documents that are occasionally used include birth, marriage, and death certificates; deeds; leases; contracts; insurance policies; military documents; divorce decrees; social security records; and wills.

What are the processes of the document management model?

The Document Management Model (DMM) is based on standards and best practices. It defines the policy, objectives and processes that will make it possible to implement and maintain optimal document flows in an entity, facilitating traceability and interoperability with document management systems or applications of other entities.

Who issues the criteria for the conservation and preservation of archival records?

AGREEMENT of the National Council of the National System of Transparency, Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data, approving the Guidelines for the Organization and Preservation of Archives.

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What is the life cycle of records?

The document life cycle is the name given to the different phases or stages that a document goes through, from its creation to its elimination or selection for permanent custody, and is established according to the document’s values and frequency of use.

General Law on Archives

In accordance with the powers conferred by the first final provision of said Royal Decree, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, at the proposal of the General Intervention of the State Administration, proceeded to approve the rules that developed the provisions contained therein, including, most notably, the Order of December 16, 1986, which regulates the operations and procedures to be followed in the execution of the State Expenditure Budget.

For these purposes, the present Order, which replaces the aforementioned Order of December 16, 1986, approves the Instruction that regulates the procedures in the execution of the State expenditure, taking into account the new specifications foreseen in the SIC and the new accounting treatments included in the new plan.

Chapter I regulates the general procedure to be followed in the management of budgetary appropriations, referring to all those operations related to the Expenditure Budget that occur prior to the expenditure authorization phase. Thus, it covers the processing of initial appropriations, modifications to appropriations, the creation and breakdown of budgetary applications, the delegation and deconcentration of appropriations in the Territorial Services, the change in the status of appropriations and the limits for the implementation of multi-year expenses.

What are the sample records?

– Archival documents are a primary source of information. Example: Council of Ministers meeting file, Council of Government meeting file. – Supporting informative documentation is a secondary source of information, i.e. already elaborated. Example: a bulletin, a magazine.

How long should documents be kept?

Except as provided in special rules, the documents to be kept may be destroyed after twenty (20) years from the closing of such documents or the date of the last entry, document or voucher.

How long should documents be kept?

Accounting books and papers must be kept for at least ten years, counted from the closing of such books and papers or from the date of the last entry, document or voucher.

Document management model under Legislative Decree No. 1310

The information on this page has been modified by Royal Decree-Law 11/2021, of May 28, on urgent measures for the defense of employment, economic reactivation and the protection of self-employed workers.

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Likewise, the temporary employment regulation proceedings due to impediment in the development of the activity authorized on the basis of the provisions of paragraph 2 of the first additional provision of Royal Decree-Law 24/2020, of June 26, on social measures for the reactivation of employment and protection of self-employment and competitiveness of the industrial sector, are understood to be extended.

The temporary employment regulation proceedings for limitation to the normal development of the activity in force, based on Article 2.2 of Royal Decree-Law 30/2020, of September 29, will be automatically extended until May 31, 2021.

In addition, Article 2 recognizes the possibility of presenting new ERTE due to limitations or impediments, in identical terms to those established by Article 2 of Royal Decree-Law 30/2020, of September 29, and in accordance with the causes described therein, and it is provided, as a novelty, Once a company has obtained a favorable resolution in an ERTE of force majeure due to impediment to the activity, it will be able, without the need to process another new file, to apply the measures corresponding to its new situation of limitations to the development of the activity, as long as it communicates the change by means of a responsible declaration.

How long should official documents be kept?

Article Three. – The storage period of the documents that make up the Governmental Accounting Archive shall be five years, as from the fiscal year following the one in which the document is prepared.

How many processes does the document management program have?

The PGD systematically develops the eight (8) document management processes for the AGN: planning, production, management and processing, organization, transfers, disposition, preservation and valuation; it details the activities to be carried out in each of these processes every four years in short timeframes ( …

What does the law say about the preservation of documents?

Regarding the possession of historical documents, Article 20 states that “the holders of historical documents may continue to hold them, provided that they maintain them in conditions that guarantee their preservation”.

For the procedure of consulting historical archives the law states that

You will find information on German professions in the approval search engine and can select your profession of reference. You will find out whether your profession is regulated or unregulated. You will also find out whether the accreditation is mandatory in your case. At the end, you will get the contact details of a counseling office.

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The counseling office will give you all the important information about your accreditation procedure. You can also clarify your questions about financial subsidies during the counseling before submitting your application.

Are you no longer in possession of all the documents relating to your professional qualification? In this case, you may be able to demonstrate your professional competencies in a practical way with a qualification analysis. There are qualification analyses for dual vocational training occupations, for master’s degrees or for continuing education occupations. A qualification analysis can be:

The competent body will process your application for accreditation. Within a maximum of one month you will receive a message informing you whether your documents have arrived. This message will also inform you if any documents are missing. If the documents are complete, you will receive a decision with the results within three months at the latest. In individual cases, the competent body may extend the approval procedure by a further month. Your professional experience may also be taken into account during the procedure.

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