How do you professionally create and develop business documents?

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A natural person who is a merchant is one who exercises this activity in a habitual and professional manner in a personal capacity. He/she assumes in a personal capacity all the rights and obligations of the commercial activity he/she carries out. Registration as a natural person and commercial establishment.

Establishment of Commerce is understood as a set of goods organized by the entrepreneur to carry out the purposes of the company. The same natural or legal person may have several commercial establishments, these may belong to one or more owners and be used for the development of various commercial activities.The registration as a commercial establishment is understood as a set of goods organized by the entrepreneur to carry out the purposes of the company.

See below:Informative guides:Choose the document model that fits your needs and fill in the required fields:See the main legal forms provided for in the Colombian legislation for the exercise of any economic activity, as well as the most relevant characteristics of each of them:

Commercial companiesThese are legal entities that are constituted by a partnership contract by virtue of which two or more persons are obliged to make a contribution in money, work or other goods appreciable in money, in order to share profits obtained in the company or social activity.Companies are classified into personal, capitalist and mixed nature companies. Partnerships are those in which all the partners know each other, and both the company and the partners are jointly and unlimitedly liable with the totality of their patrimony for the corporate obligations, which gives all the partners the right to manage the company, for example: partnerships and limited partnerships. Capitalist corporations are those corporations in which the partners are not known and they are liable up to the amount of their contributions for the corporate obligations, e.g. corporations, limited partnerships and simplified joint stock companies. Mixed corporations are those corporations in which all the partners know each other, but they are only liable for the obligations acquired by the corporation up to the amount of their contributions, e.g. limited liability companies. The types of partnerships provided for in the legal regulations are limited, collective, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, joint stock company and limited joint-stock company.

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How should a company file?

For Olga Gallego, a company archive is the set of documents produced by a company in the development of its activities, in an organic and automatic way, and preserved as a testimony of information.

What is corporate documentation?

CONCEPT: These are the documents issued by the State, which record the commercial transaction of products and their distribution. … They are the documents that are used in the transactions, with the purpose that its registry, shows us a correct information on its development.

What is the importance of business documents?

IMPORTANCE OF the TRD: They facilitate the management of information. They contribute to the rationalization of document production. They allow the administration to provide an effective and efficient service. Facilitate the control and access to documents through the retention times stipulated therein.

Documentos empresariales ejemplos

Magíster en Ciencias de la Organización de la Universidad del Valle (Colombia). Profesora asistente de tiempo completo de la Universidad del Valle. Miembro del Grupo de Investigación Humanismo y Gestión, Categoría A1 Colciencias.

Este artículo sostiene que la responsabilidad social corporativa actúa como un actor clave que impulsa el crecimiento empresarial. El crecimiento empresarial es una variable que depende de muchos factores; la responsabilidad social corporativa es uno de ellos, ya que impulsa cualquier iniciativa que se origine dentro de la empresa, facilitando el posicionamiento de su marca, renovando la imagen corporativa, captando la preferencia y fidelidad de los clientes y promoviendo la armonía entre la empresa y la comunidad en la que opera. En este contexto, la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa permite el crecimiento del negocio y la mejora significativa de la reputación y la credibilidad, así como lograr el reconocimiento con sus grupos de interés, especialmente cuando el compromiso con el desarrollo de la estrategia de responsabilidad social se percibe como reflexivo, ético y espontáneo.

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What is the best way to archive documents?

Using a temporary warehouse is the safest, easiest and most effective way to ensure that all your documents are properly stored. This is because the warehouses are properly monitored and the documents are stored in sturdy areas.

What is the importance of documentation?

Documentation is vital for quality and process control. … Documentation fosters knowledge sharing, which empowers your team to know how processes work and what completed projects typically look like.

What is the importance of the documents?

Documents are reliable sources of information that guarantee the security and transparency of administrative actions. They play an essential role in the development of society, contributing to the constitution and safeguarding of individual and collective memory.

Documents to create a company pdf

The need to assess the role of intangible assets within organizations makes it necessary to establish strategies between the creation of value based on knowledge and the mechanisms for its acquisition in companies. This research raises the problem of establishing elements that develop the capacity to strengthen the knowledge that companies acquire through actions focused on information systems, innovation and the decision-making process, all contributing to the expansion of business intelligence as a fundamental factor in business competitiveness. It is a mixed research: in-depth interviews in the qualitative aspect and questionnaire in the quantitative aspect; in companies of the information and communication technologies sector. The main findings are: a) knowledge is the most valuable asset in companies; b) the business environment is fundamental for competitiveness; c) innovation, information systems and decision-making processes are part of the business intelligence required by companies, and c) business intelligence develops competitiveness based on knowledge management.

What is the importance of document management?

Avoids the loss of documentation, since all documents are integrated and identified in a single system. It avoids the loss of time in the recovery of documentation and allows access control and information security, preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the contents.

How to make folders for filing documents?

With the document open, click File > Save As. Under Save As, select where you want to create the new folder. You may need to click Browse or Computer and navigate to the location of the new folder. In the Save As dialog box that opens, click New Folder.

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What is the archiving procedure?

It is a technique for the systematic identification and grouping of documents and similar, with common characteristics, which can be subsequently differentiated according to the fundamental typology.

Process documentation example

Document management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents. Any organization already captures, stores and retrieves documents every day, and documents come into the company in paper form as well as in electronic form. An invoice that comes by regular mail is obviously a paper document that can be read and accounted for. However, that invoice probably started with an order from the company. That order could be an electronic record and that means that we have two related documents that need to be kept referenced, yet they are very different in the way they are stored.

When we talk about document management system or DMS we are referring to an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, labeling, approving and completing tasks using a digital version of the documents or files involved in the management of an organization.

For this purpose, software is used to control and organize documents throughout the organization, incorporating captures and content, and using workflows, document repositories, output systems, information retrieval systems, etc.