Safety breaker

The electrical breaker is an essential device in the modern world, and one of the most important safety mechanisms in any home, building or industry. Do you want to know how an electrical breaker works? When an electrical wiring in a building has too much current, these simple elements cut it off until someone fixes the problem.

The main types of electrical breakers are thermal, magnetic, thermomagnetic and differential. Next, so that you know a little more about how an electrical breaker works, we will detail those that are frequently used in domestic installations: the thermomagnetic and the differential.

Thermomagnetic (thermal) circuit breakers are used, in the first place, to protect cables and electrical conductors against overloads and short circuits. In this way, they protect electronic devices against overheating.

This device, also known as a circuit breaker, is responsible for cutting off the current when it exceeds a certain threshold. They protect the rest of the installation and the connected equipment from possible overloads and short circuits.

How do the switches work?

A switch is an electrical device that allows us to perform an on/off function from a control. Its function is to let the current pass or not in an electrical circuit. … At the wiring level a switch has a phase line input and an output that connects to the light point.

How does the on/off switch work?

How does it work? If the electrical circuit is closed through the two switches, the lamp will be on. If we flip one switch, the lamp goes out. If we flip the other one, it turns on, because the circuit is closed for the circulation of electric current.

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How does an open switch work?

When a normally open (NO) switch is actuated, the switch closes, allowing electrical flow through it. … If we act on it by overcoming the action of the spring, separating the contacts, the switch opens, not allowing electrical circulation.

How an on-off switch works

These are mounted on surfaces such as walls, machines and many other places or they can be recessed inside walls or other places. Its main function is to activate the electricity when we need it by activating a light point, a motor, a TV or any device that works with electricity.

Within the switches we discovered that there are different models switches: double switches, switches switches or cross switches, these models of switches are the most common.

Protective switches are the elements that we find in the electrical panel and that protect our electrical installation. In each country they have a different name, as we can see in the following description:

In other countries we find different models of switches, although their external shape changes, the operation is identical to the vast majority of switches. With the switches there is not the problem that we have with the surface or recessed sockets since they are simply mechanisms of actuation.

What are the on and off signs?

The IEC decided that the symbols to be used for on and off would be “I” and “O”, respectively. The “I” represents the binary 1, meaning on, while the “O” represents the binary 0, meaning off.

How do you know if something is on or off?

But what is the On/Off? On/Off Power Button Symbols (I & O) Power buttons and switches are generally labeled with the symbols “I” and “O”. The “I” represents on and the “O” represents off.

How to know if a breaker is on or off?

How to know if a Magnetothermal is OK? If the input and output values are identical or very similar, the circuit breaker is working efficiently. If, on the contrary, the output is very different from the input or there is simply no voltage at the output, then the circuit breaker is faulty.

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How a switch works

In an electrical installation, switches are mechanisms used to manually connect or disconnect the passage of electrical current. Depending on their use and shape, there are many types of switches.

A switch is an electrical device that allows us to perform an on/off function from a control. Its function is to let the current pass or not in an electrical circuit. Therefore, its main function is to turn a light on and off.

Mechanically, a switch consists of two separate metal contacts and an actuating moving part, usually a rocker. Pressing the key moves the rocker and opens or closes the circuit/light.

For example, the switches can be used to open doors in a modern bank through the code sent from a computer, which is much more advanced than inserting a key in the car and having the electric current resume its passage.

It is important to note that given the quality of them, you have to look at the durability of them. Most of them are made of brass alloy, which is a combination of 60% copper and 40% zinc.

What happens when the switch is closed?

Switch. An element that allows the passage of electric current to be opened or closed. If the switch is open, electrons do not circulate; if it is closed, it allows them to pass.

How does a normally open contactor work?

Normally open contacts: they have two platinums and their natural position is open. When voltage is applied to the relay coil, the contact changes the position of its pins to join them together. They are used to close an electrical circuit when the relay coil is energized.

What are the parts of a 4-way switch?

4-way switches are used in electrical wiring to turn a lamp on or off in 3 or more places. The 4-way switches have four screws and are not marked on (ON) and off (OFF). They have 2 positions, also 2 options to communicate the control lines (ways).

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Changeover switch

The main function of the Power Control Switch is to ensure the safety of the electrical installation, interrupting the supply whenever the contracted power is exceeded. Find out how it works and how and who installs it.

The Power Control Switch or ICP is one of the elements that make up the electrical panel of an installation. It is an automatic system that cuts off the electricity supply when the contracted power is exceeded in a house or premises.

The ICP is a safety mechanism in the event of an overload due to the use of numerous electrical appliances at the same time. Currently, all electrical installations must have this switch, although in older homes it may not be installed, as it was not previously mandatory.

The Power Control Switch is located in the electrical panel of the electrical installation of a house or premises. The electrical panel or General Control and Protection Panel, as it is technically called, is located near the exit door and is made up of different switches.

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