How long does it take to get an EORI?

Eori aeat

The tax agency has communicated that as from November 4, the presentation of export declarations in which the exporter has an EORI of not established in the European Union will not be admitted, thus terminating the transitional regime included in the regulations for the adaptation of the data of the EORI database, understanding that the operators have had ample time to adjust their commercial export operations to the requirements imposed by the regulations.

Annex 12-01 of the Delegated Regulation listed the fields constituting the EORI database, among which in the fourth point it mentioned the following: “Indication allowing to determine whether or not the economic operator is established in the customs territory of the Union.  This data element should only be used by economic operators who have an address in a third country.”

This text was based on the temporary derogation contained in Article 3 of Delegated Regulation 2015/2446 where the nature of the registration of operators is set out by the following text: “At the time of registration of a person, the customs authorities shall collect and store the data set out in Annex 12-01 relating to that person. Such data shall constitute the EORI register. By way of derogation from the first subparagraph, until the date of enhancement of the EORI system provided for in the Annex to Implementing Decision 2014/255/EU, the common data requirements set out in Annex 12-01 shall not apply.”

How long does it take to grant EORI?

Where to obtain it and how long it takes

Once the application is made, within 48 hours, the EORI will be active and can be used to clear the goods through customs. The EORI number is not an import license but a registration to operate, so obtaining it is simple and fast.

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When is EORI required?

The EORI is required regardless of whether the goods enter through a port or an airport, otherwise the shipment cannot be cleared through customs. Each company must obtain its EORI number in the member state where it first imports or exports.

How do we know if we have an EORI number?

To find out if our company’s NIF has its corresponding EORI number or to find out if another operator has it, we can consult the EORI number at the AEAT or through the validation on the official website of the European Commission’s Taxation and Customs Union.


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Drivers traveling to and from the EU must be aware of the rules on the food, drink and plants for their own use that they can take with them. These rules apply to products carried on their person, in their luggage or in the vehicle.

Drivers cannot carry products with meat or dairy products (e.g. a ham and cheese sandwich or coffee with milk) when entering (currently) or leaving the EU (from January 1, 2022). Almost all plants and plant products, including fruit, vegetables and flowers and seeds, require a phytosanitary certificate before entering the EU.

If drivers carry prohibited products with them, or do not have the necessary certificate, they will have to use, consume or throw them away at the border or before reaching the border. If they fail to do so, they could be confiscated and destroyed at the risk of costs and fines.

Who applies for the EORI?

Who must apply for this number? Any entity, natural person or legal entity that carries out import or export activities within the European Union through customs must apply for it.

What is CIF EORI?

It is an identification number that allows companies to carry out customs operations. … The EORI number is used to record which companies are carrying out operations. It will also enable the relevant authorities to quickly identify who is shipping the goods.

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What does EORI number mean?

EORI number means an identification number, unique in the customs territory of the European Union, assigned by a customs authority to an economic operator or other person for the purpose of registration for customs purposes (art.

Alta eori

The AEO Program is a free and voluntary program. Its objective is to strengthen the security of the international supply chain through the establishment of a certification program that certifies that member companies comply with a standard that guarantees the security of their commercial processes and operations. Certified operators obtain benefits in terms of control and simplification of procedures that can translate into improved competitiveness and new growth opportunities. The AEO program is present in 91 countries, and there are already close to 70,000 certified companies in the world.

The SAFE framework establishes within its guidelines that benefits should be granted to those operators that comply with the security requirements of the logistics chain and use best practices. In this context Decree N°1140 of 2017, establishes in Article 10, the benefits that operators certified as AEO may access.

It is a mechanism developed by Customs Administrations in the world, which allows validations and authorizations granted to an Authorized Economic Operator in the country, to be recognized by other countries. This extends the granting of benefits, making them mutual, so that the Operator in turn receives benefits in the countries with which this type of agreement is signed.

What is the importer number?

The final importer identification number is the employer’s tax identification number (EIN) assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the importer’s social security number.

How do I know my importer number?

A coupon for payment can be obtained through Sigica’s “Register of Importers – Exporters” application, to be made through the use of electronic systems such as interbanking or automatic debit.

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What are the Importers’ lists?

The importers’ registry is the national registry of importers in Mexico. Anyone who intends to import goods into the country must be registered as an individual or legal entity with the Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria).


On March 15, 2020, as part of the response to the consequences of the epidemiological crisis caused by the coronavirus, the Commission published Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/402 (1) (the Implementing Regulation), making the export of certain personal protective equipment (PPE) subject to the presentation of an export license.

As the amended Implementing Regulation entails new obligations for the competent authorities of the Member States and for economic operators, which apply from the day of its publication, these guidelines are issued to assist them in the implementation process.

These guidelines are not legally binding and are for information purposes only. They do not replace the amended Implementing Regulation. They are without prejudice to the interpretation of the Regulation by the Court of Justice.

The Regulation is valid for a period of six weeks, during which time Member States will be consulted within the Safeguard Committee in order to (i) confirm the approach, and (ii) decide whether it is necessary to take appropriate measures for a subsequent period.