How much does it cost to replace BRP?


The remuneration of teachers in Chile is still based on the “Remuneración Básica Mínima Nacional” (RBMN), and it is from this that a series of allowances are calculated, which are contemplated in the teachers’ statute.

It has a variable amount, depending on the expenditure for supplementary payroll, enrollment and teaching staff, i.e. the funds depend on what is left of these. It is given in proportion to contract hours. It benefits only the municipal sector (those belonging to private and subsidized schools are not obliged).

It is an economic incentive determined by law and is applied on the RBMN. Beneficiaries: Teachers of the Municipal Sector, (those belonging to private and subsidized schools are not obliged).

For teachers who have the responsibility of directing a rural establishment, without having the contractual quality of Director or Director as such, can access a monthly bonus, taxable and taxable. This benefit is available to teachers of rural municipal rural schools, private subsidized schools and/or rural subsidized schools. In order to apply for this benefit, the condition of teacher in charge or holder must be recognized by the respective SEREMI.

How to obtain a BRP certificate?

What are the requirements for a postgraduate degree to qualify for the BRP by mention component? To have a minimum of 700 hours of face-to-face classes. Be taught by an accredited university in accordance with Law No. 20.129.

How is the biennium payment calculated?

For teachers in the municipal sector, compliance with the first biennium meant an increase of 6.76% of the Minimum National Basic Income (RBMN), which is calculated by multiplying the hourly value by the number of hours of the contract.

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How much does an expert 1 earn?

For teachers in Advanced, Expert I and II levels, who work in schools with more than 80% of priority students, it corresponds to 20% of the level allowance plus $123,153 for 44 hours (proportional to contract hours).


Professional degrees obtained through distance learning do not entitle to BRP, since by their nature they do not include classroom hours. Therefore, they do not comply with the general requirement of having a study program of at least 8 academic semesters and 3,200 classroom hours.

Since the law requires that the degree must have 3,200 classroom hours to be eligible for BRP and that the holder is responsible for certifying to the Ministry of Education that the requirements are met, the holder has the right to request, for peace of mind, that the certificates issued by the current educational institutions expressly state “classroom hours of classes”.

For BRP payment purposes, the degree of State Teacher in General Basic Education has no associated mention, unless, according to Opinion No. 6633, the degree expressly states so. The above, only if the studies comply with the general requirements related to having a study program of at least 8 semesters and 3200 classroom hours.

How much does a peer reviewer earn?

– Payment to each peer evaluator of a lump sum of $24,480 for each classroom teacher he/she has been assigned to evaluate.

When is the BRP readjusted?

This readjustment applies from December 1, 2021. However, as of the effective date of the Public Sector Readjustment, the December allocations had already been transferred to the fund holders, so the corresponding readjustment will be made, which will be informed in due course.

When are the 2021 biennia updated?

In both cases, the fund holders must declare the bienniums and additional months that their teachers have as of April 1, 2021. Based on this data, CPEIP will update the information on each teacher’s bienniums on a monthly basis.

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How are teaching biennia calculated?

Calculation formula: (3.38% + (3.33% + (3.33% x (Number of benefits – 1))) x RBMN.

How are education assistants’ bienniums calculated?

The amount of the bonus will be equivalent to 2% of the minimum monthly gross remuneration. The labor statute regulates the following non-remunerative benefits to the Education Assistants belonging to the Local Education Services.

How is the experience allocation calculated?

The experience allowance is applied to the minimum national base salary determined by law, and increases it by 6.76% for the first two years of teaching service and 6.66% for each additional two years, duly accredited, with a maximum ceiling of 100% of the minimum national base salary for …


But prior to these acts, in the same deed the partitional operations caused by the successive deaths of the registered owners and their heirs were carried out, which were as follows:

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In said deed, firstly, the grouping of two registry estates -1707 and 3270 of the municipality of Marín-, and the declaration of a new work on the estate resulting from the grouping. Secondly, said property resulting from the grouping is grouped with registered property 5129, declaring, after the demolition of the existing buildings, a new work on the same, which is divided horizontally, awarding the independent elements, after acceptance of the inheritance, to the parties appearing in the deed.

I.  Facts.-No one of the heirs -or their heirs, as the case may be- of the deceased owners of the registered properties 1707 and 3270 of Marín attends the granting of the deed. Thus it is necessary the ratification on the part of the heir Mr. J. C. R., or of his own heirs, in his case.