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Blackhawk has a history of manufacturing the highest quality outdoor and tactical gear in the world. Trusted by military, outdoor enthusiast and recreational users around the world, when you need something to work with, Blackhawk never lets you down.

– Field-proven quality, made with quality materials- Built to withstand the toughest environments and terrain- Don’t sacrifice price for quality, with Blackhawk you get what you pay for- Blend of carbon fiber and high-density polymer- Secures carbon fiber holsters, rails and accessories, such as light cases and magazines.- Can be mounted on any S.T.R.I.K.E. platform, including vests, belts, drop leg platform, backpacks and some internal panels Brand: BLACKHAWK

– Products with Delivery to be Agreed with Seller (shipping at additional cost), will be delivered to the address provided at the time of purchase. The delivery address cannot be changed once the product has been shipped from the USA.

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Based on the results of recent unstructured market research conducted by our specialists, we have identified key target customers and have focused on companies in the following industries:

We will also explore the possibility of offering our robust and versatile products to existing large and emerging market segments that are growing rapidly and where commercial risks are very high, such as in the relatively young renewable energy industry.Seeing that this particular area has a number of regulations that participants must comply with in order for their customers to qualify for government incentives, many commercial organizations are not fully up to date with those regulations, leaving both the service provider and the consumer at high risk. It is in these cases that compliance experts are available to help alleviate these risks in a cost-effective manner.

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To help companies see how well they are doing with respect to compliance with applicable rules, policies and regulations, CRC offers two types of audits: internal and external audits.For example, an internal audit will provide a snapshot of how well the various departments of your company are complying with the applicable rules and regulations governing the industry in which your company operates. It also helps you see the status of compliance with relevant government regulations.As for the external audit, the main objective is to examine regulatory compliance. This type of audit will help determine whether your company is following the national and European laws applicable to your type of business. For example, we can determine whether your company is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 or with the Food standards with respect to the claims published by your company.In both internal and external audits, CRC will assess regulatory and contractual compliance to satisfy the relevant authorities and prevent your company from paying heavy fines or having its license withdrawn. BACK TO TOP

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The first programs formally produced by Cuatro Cabezas were El Rayo and Caiga Quien Caiga (CQC), both on América TV. Thanks to these programs, the production company grew to become a multimedia content company with insertion in different countries around the world. After revolutionizing the way of making television in Argentina, Cuatro Cabezas’ contents were successfully exported to different international markets.

Finally, on June 14, 2017, Eyeworks-Cuatro Cabezas declared bankruptcy and dismissed its 64 workers, closing its doors forever. All the productions and the archive of the production company was absorbed by WarnerMedia International Argentina.

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At the end of 1999 was created, at that time one of the most important Spanish-speaking sites, in charge of providing users with the necessary tools and technological knowledge to make the most of their experience on the Web. Datafull started as a forum for exchanging files (mainly MP3) called 4kByte, in association with Sion Internet.

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The local religious leader can broadcast using a smartphone from a place of worship or a private home. Residents sharing the same faith or with the same language need can gather around a shared videophone to celebrate and worship together.

Foreign and interstate relatives can provide great convenience to palliative care patients and their visiting family members. Simply place the videophone near the bed and provide the Join link to family members.

Allow 7 or more residents to share a videophone (one resident per day or half day) in rotation. Make each week special. Recoup cost or provide free service to families who are unable to visit weekly or are blocked during the pandemic.

With iPads/tablets for seniors: Your staff runs from room to room with alcohol wipes, trying not to breathe on residents. This deprives residents of independence, privacy and the freedom to see family at any time. It keeps your staff busy and puts them at risk.

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