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The Victims Unit will carry out a work agenda with the rectors of the universities located in the region, to ensure that victims realize their right to access to education.

The Caquetá-Huila Territorial Victims Unit, headed by Yhina Paola Lombana López, met with rectors of universities and institutes of higher education that operate in this department, in order to invite them to join for the benefit of victims of the armed conflict and ensure their access to education.

The territorial director announced that this proposal took place within the framework of the Departmental Higher Education Roundtable that is developed periodically, to analyze the situation of young people and their real opportunities for access and permanence in educational institutions.

“Our idea is that young people, victims of the conflict, really see the restoration of their rights, through the guarantee of their access to higher education to successfully develop their life project, for this reason we will start a work agenda with each of the rectors of local universities and institutes,” said the official.

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We are one step away from finishing the official visits, we have traveled 90% of the District and we are very happy to share and learn from the different Rotarian friends that make up this great family. We have spent many hours working with the clubs to review each activity or each project, with the objective of supporting them in everything that is required to consolidate their actions.

I would like to emphasize that I have had the cooperation and attention of the club presidents and their boards of directors, who are making a commitment to strengthen their strategic planning and consolidate the guidelines and suggestions of the Rotary period, recognizing the quality of leadership exercised in each club. In compliance with the visits, I send my congratulations to the Assistant Governors for considering their time and dedication in support of the clubs in their zone. We, Hildeliza and myself, strive to make the district’s growth the best it can be. We are proud to inform you that in membership and extension we have grown by 11% effective, we are already 1,226 Rotarians as of December 1st. And we are going for more…!!!!. So far in our period, four new clubs have been registered with Rotary, recently CR Magdalena Magico, I congratulate each of its members for having the attitude and willingness to participate in our organization.

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Primary health care is the first barrier to multiple diseases.

Abstract: This article analyzes the presence of the sticky floor within the military profession in Spain. It focuses on how the family influences the occurrence of this phenomenon and considers sociodemographic variables and the variables related to the idiosyncrasy of the Spanish armed forces. The data used are based on a survey of soldiers and sailors and on semi-structured interviews with servicemen and women, who have provided information on how they limit or modify their professional careers and prioritize their family life.

The two key moments in the career trajectory of workers are entering the labor market and the formation of a couple and the birth of children (Buontempo, 2000). It is precisely in this second stage that the probability of workers falling victim to the sticky floor or even considering leaving the labor market temporarily or permanently may increase.

Alison Lee Booth (2007) shows that on many occasions women workers remain in the lower categories, without access to power, while men workers are more likely to move up and remain in the higher categories. Theoretical discussions on the issue defend the thesis that women workers are stuck on this ground, assuming as their own and in many cases exclusively the responsibilities of caring for the home and families, with emotional and emotional burdens and total availability in terms of schedules. Indeed, many women see their possibilities of promotion limited due to their family responsibilities, since, as a consequence of their role as mothers and housewives, they cannot increase their training by taking courses outside the home and have greater difficulties in attending meetings or business lunches, for example. In other words, these responsibilities hinder women’s ability to access and develop in the labor market, trapping them in the private sphere and/or causing them to stagnate in the lower echelons of the labor structure, with worse salary and working conditions.

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Los modelos organizativos de las políticas públicas en ciencia, tecnología e innovación (CTI) muestran el perfil del Estado y el papel que desempeñan los diferentes actores, ya sean públicos o privados. En consecuencia, dar cuenta de las políticas de CTI recientes implica centrarse en las herramientas utilizadas por el Estado para posicionar y orientar a las instituciones de acuerdo a los intereses y visiones predominantes en el contexto político y económico. El artículo analiza los instrumentos de las políticas de CTI desde el punto de vista de sus objetivos específicos, facilitando así el enfoque para interpretar los perfiles de las políticas. Estudia las manifestaciones de este fenómeno en América Latina en particular, dando cuenta de las tendencias generales y los casos específicos.

Notas del autorEl presente trabajo se desarrolla en el marco de la beca doctoral del Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Argentina, y fue financiado por dicho organismo.

3En este sentido, implementar significa “el conjunto de acciones que transforma las intenciones en resultados observables” (Aguilar Villanueva 1993, 44). Es decir, aquel espacio que se estructura entre las declaraciones de intenciones y la manifestación de resultados. De este modo, este trabajo se propone analizar la implementación como parte del policy-making, a partir de una secuencia programada de acciones donde convergen una gran cantidad de actores, operaciones individuales y colectivas, que con medios específicos procuran responder a objetivos particulares (Aguilar Villanueva 1993).

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