Facial rejuvenation: techniques and results

In this line, the AMICES project has been developed, an AINIA’s own R&D project, which has the support of IVACE and the collaboration of Korott, Sesderma, Biopartner, Epsa and Instalaciones Grau, according to sources from the project.

Microencapsulation is a key technology for product customization and functional improvement because it allows the preservation of the properties of the products, by protecting the substances or bioactive principles by a matrix that prevents them from being lost.

Currently, the most common uses of microencapsulation technologies in the cosmetic sector are the protection of the bioactive components of products so that they remain functional, since vitamin C, probiotics or antioxidants that make up some cosmetic products tend to oxidize.

The controlled release of components (such as vitamins, aromas, active ingredients, antimicrobials), improved skin penetration and better preservation during storage, as well as masking unpleasant odors are other uses.

What is the best treatment for facial rejuvenation?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top five non-surgical facial anti-aging treatments that work are: Botulinum Toxin. Hyaluronic acid. Non-surgical fat reduction.

What’s the latest in facial rejuvenation?

Non-surgical lifting, facial fillers, pulsed light and radiofrequency are the most commonly used methods. It is thanks to these that the skin gains uniformity and collagen is regenerated. In addition, imperfections are eliminated and facial flaccidity is toned.

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What is the best treatment for facial rejuvenation 2021?

Combined Botox and hyaluronic acid treatment

Thanks to aesthetic medicine treatments, such as Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, it is possible to solve this problem and achieve a rejuvenated face.


Natural cosmetic products are those that contain ingredients obtained from natural sources, are free of chemicals or pesticides and are perceived as healthier, better tolerated by the skin, produced under greater ethical and ecological awareness and include more sustainable and economical raw materials.

In addition to the trend for natural products, there is also a trend for sustainability. Organic, chemical-free ingredients and sustainable formulations are the basis on which cosmetic innovation is currently based.

Consumers are demanding proof that under the claims of efficacy, sustainability and organic products are safe and committed to these values, beyond the “green” label.

The key to responding to both trends, natural and sustainable, lies in technological innovation. Clean technology is needed that allows very high levels of purity. These capabilities can be achieved by applying supercritical CO2 extraction technology, also called supercritical fluid extraction.

What is the best non-invasive treatment for the face?

Facelift: the best non-invasive treatment.

What is recommended in all cases is a combination of techniques taking into account the patient’s age and skin condition.

What is the best treatment to rejuvenate the neck?

Botulinum toxin

This treatment is ideal for patients with early signs of aging in the neck. Botox is one of the best injectables available to eliminate wrinkles. Just as it is used to smooth facial lines, it is also used to tighten the skin of the neck.

How to rejuvenate the face without botox?

Laser Facial Rejuvenation

It is one of the most advanced methods that is not only used in facial rejuvenation, it is also applied in other aesthetic areas. And is that the laser stimulates, transforms old cells, renews them by younger systems and undoes those that cause imperfections.

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Step by step to remove the oxidation color of hair

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– To know in a general way about the therapeutics in facial aesthetic medicine. It will deal with the canons of beauty. We will review the facial aging and the different treatments that a doctor performs in a medical aesthetic practice.

What is a non-invasive treatment?

Non-invasive procedures do not involve instruments that break the skin or physically penetrate the body. Examples include x-rays, a standard eye exam, CT scan, MRI, ECG, and Holter monitor.

What is Thermage treatment?

What is Thermage? It is a regenerative skin maintenance treatment that acts on collagen, eliminating sagging and wrinkles and improving the appearance and tone of the skin. The effects of the treatment are almost immediate, but improve for a period of up to six months and are maintained for years.

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How to tighten the neck without surgery?

Did you know that it is possible to tighten the neck without surgery? As well as lifting without surgery, there are several non-invasive and natural rejuvenation treatments such as liquid tensor threads, bioplacenta, natural botox, blepharoplasty without surgery or filling with hyaluronic acid.

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Microencapsulation is a key technology for product customization and functional improvement. The microencapsulation process allows the preservation of product properties by protecting the bioactive substances or principles by a matrix that prevents them from being lost. Thus, it is possible to protect them from reaction with other compounds, slow down oxidation reactions and even release substances in a controlled manner. Currently, the most common uses of microencapsulation technologies in the cosmetic sector are:

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