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What does a gynecologist do?

Gynecology is the field of medicine that focuses on the female reproductive system, also known as the female reproductive tract. A gynecological checkup is a checkup or “annual checkup,” like annual eye or dental checkups.

How is a gynecological study performed?

The doctor uses a speculum (a metal or plastic instrument) to separate the walls of the vagina. A small plastic brush is then inserted to obtain a sample of the surface of the cervix (the lower part of the uterus) for testing.

What questions does a gynecologist ask you?

For example, you might have questions about sexual intercourse, your vaginal health, the use of contraceptives, the health of your breasts, your menstrual period or suspected pregnancy, among many others … … At your visit to the gynecologist you can ask questions about everything related to your reproductive health.

Attending Gynecologist

We take care of women’s ailments, from adolescence to the climacteric period, and we take care of pregnancy and its stages. Get to know the Hospital Médica Sur maternity packages, so you can enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling birth. Come to us and receive quality and professional care.

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Find a specialized service for the attention of any gynecological alteration, attention of conditions related to each stage of your life (adolescence or menopause) or the reception of your baby.

We offer women a series of human, structural and technological elements to be able to prevent diseases, as well as to preserve the state of female health, outside and inside pregnancy; the above, complemented with diagnostic services and prenatal monitoring, treatment of uterine myomatosis, maternity packages and a whole series of technological elements that allow us to provide you with the excellent care you deserve. We invite you to a virtual visit to the gynecological operating room where you can see our first class facilities.

When should a gynecological checkup be performed?

Gynecological control is essential to prevent and detect different pathologies. In general, women go to the gynecologist only when they detect a problem, but not as a preventive measure. The Gynecology Service recommends that it should be done once a year, after the first sexual intercourse.

How much does a vaginal checkup cost?

It depends on the center, it can vary from 800 to 1500 depending on the extra studies performed.

What do they ask you the first time you go to the gynecologist?

The specialist will ask you, for example, when menstruation began; if the period occurs every month; if you have already had sexual intercourse, what method of contraception was used, among other questions.

Obstetrics and gynecology office

⌚ 4 Min read | One of the doctors that women visit most regularly is the gynecologist. Thanks to gynecological checkups it is possible to prevent and solve diseases. These are the tests that the gynecologist will perform in a routine checkup.

When a woman goes for a gynecological consultation (unless it is for a specific problem), the gynecologist proceeds with a routine check-up. First of all, the patient is asked about some questions related to the period, for example: how often she has her period, if the periods are abundant or not, how many days it lasts, if she suffers from any discomfort or pain, etc. You will also be asked questions about other issues such as contraceptive use or sexual relations. Some gynecologists begin the consultation by weighing and taking the patient’s blood pressure, thus detecting problems that are referred to the primary care physician.

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All this information is very useful for the gynecologist when assessing the woman’s state of health and offering solutions, encouraging good habits and avoiding toxic habits, especially when planning a pregnancy. But, above all, routine visits to the gynecologist help diagnose pathologies and prevent problems such as anemia, early menopause, endometriosis, urinary incontinence, fertility problems or sexual relations.

How does the gynecologist know if you have had intercourse?

Good evening, yes, it is possible to detect physical changes in the anatomy of the vaginal introitus, however, it is suggested to have a gynecological examination to monitor sexually transmitted diseases and guidance on family planning methods, feel free to discuss it with your doctor.

How do they see if you are a virgin or not?

Yes, expert, skilled and trained personnel can establish by inspection of the genital area (evaluating various aspects) whether a woman has already initiated sexual intercourse (is not a virgin) or whether sexual penetration (introduction of the penis into the vagina) has already occurred.

What is a better gynecologist or gynecologist?

Both health professionals are very good, will be competent and will do their job in the best possible way to allow the patient to be comfortable; gender does not determine in any case the ability to do a professional and quality job.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Service

The Gynecology Service of the Hospital Clínic is part of the Institut Clínic of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology. The Service offers health care of the highest level to women with gynecological diseases and carries out prevention and health promotion activities in healthy women. The mission of the Service is to provide advanced and individualized (patient-centered) gynecology in the entire field of modern gynecology, including benign disease, oncology and gynecological endocrinology and reproduction.

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The Gynecology Service works to be recognized both by society and by the medical and scientific community as a center of excellence in gynecology, offering specialized medical care of the highest level and efficiency, based on the best available evidence. At the same time, it develops its activity to be a scientific leader in its field of knowledge.

The Gynecology Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has a multidisciplinary team made up of medical, nursing and administrative professionals in order to offer the best assistance to its patients.

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