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Occupational safety and health, including compliance with OSH requirements under national laws, is the responsibility and duty of the employer. The employer should show strong leadership and commitment to OSH activities in the organization, and make arrangements for the establishment of an OSH management system that includes the main elements of policy, organization, planning and implementation, evaluation and action for improvement, as shown in Figure 1.

The employer’s policy is to ensure the safety and health of workers, to allocate sufficient resources and personnel to accomplish this task, and to commit to ensuring the participation of workers to achieve it.

The person in charge of OSH is responsible for ensuring a safe workplace, being accountable to management in fulfilling that responsibility, and keeping workers informed. He or she can improve his or her skills by attending training courses.

What is an office procedure?

6. Administrative procedure The administrative procedure is the formal channel of the series of acts governed by a set of rules, policies and/or activities established in a company or organization for the accomplishment of an end.

What are the working procedures?

Concept of work procedure

A work procedure or operational practice is understood as the standardization of the development of a certain work or activity according to standard guidelines and indications based on important factors such as safety, quality and productivity.

What are the steps involved in developing a procedure?

It must be associated to a Process. That is to say, before elaborating the Procedure, the Process to which it corresponds must have been clearly identified and the following elements defined: owner of the process, client of the process, beginning of the process, end of the process, inputs and outputs of the process.

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Safe working procedure pdf example

“Risk is a permanent variable in all the organization’s activities that influences its development opportunities, but also affects the results and can jeopardize its stability. Under the premise that “it is not possible to totally eliminate risks in a system” (Risk Permanence Principle), it is required to “manage” them in an adequate, coherent and consistent way, through the implementation of an effective Occupational Risk Management (ORM) procedure”.

The ORM procedure guarantees the safety of the human factor and the equipment, as well as the well-being of the workers, thus achieving high quality and productivity rates and obtaining high economic benefits.

Occupational hazards are one of the most significant problems worldwide, it can affect the health of employees and productivity, in addition to the economic consequences it represents.

It can also be understood as “the measure of the possibility and magnitude of adverse impacts, generating a consequence of danger and is performed with sufficient frequency to present the event”.

What is the procedure?

A procedure is a set of actions that all have to be performed equally, to obtain the same results under the same circumstances (e.g. emergency procedure).

What is a Macroadministrative procedure?

MACROADMINISTRATIVE: These are the procedures established by the central Administrative Units of the UACh, and which are applied in all or most of its Administrative Units.

What is an administrative procedures manual?

The procedures manuals are administrative instruments that support institutional activities and are considered fundamental documents for coordination, management, evaluation and administrative control, as well as for consultation in the day-to-day development of activities.


HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: system that allows developing the potential of workers so that they can obtain maximum satisfaction in their work, give the best of their efforts to the organization, and achieve the purposes of the administration in the most efficient and effective way.

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ADMINISTRATION: the performance of acts through which the use of the material, human, financial and technical resources of an organization is oriented towards the fulfillment of institutional objectives.

POSITION: set of specific and representative activities or operations, related to the same field of action, whose exercise entails responsibilities and capabilities, whether professional, technical or those inherent to a trade.

CLASS: includes a position or set of positions that generate a similar added value to work processes that are sufficiently similar in terms of expertise, duties, responsibilities, authority and complexity to place them in the same stratum. In addition, the same academic preparation requirements, knowledge and other characteristics are required.

What are the safe work procedures?

Safe Work Procedures (SWP), also known as Safety Instructions, describe in a clear and concrete manner the correct way to perform certain operations, jobs or tasks that can cause harm if not carried out in the specified manner.

What is the elaboration process?

A business production process, which can also be referred to as a manufacturing process, is a set of productive tasks and procedures that a company carries out to transform certain materials or factors into goods or services with the objective of increasing consumer satisfaction.

What is a procedure and what does it help us with?

The procedures specify and detail a process, which make up an ordered set of operations or activities determined sequentially in relation to those responsible for the execution, which must comply with established policies and standards indicating the duration and flow of documents.

Work procedure example word

Control, verify and evaluate that the administrative acts executed in the area of Human Resources are in accordance with the legislation, policies and internal procedures in force; and ensure that they are derived from a quality management process.

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Article 8 of the University Gazette #30-2004, where the University Council presents the guidelines for the implementation of an “Integral Model of Quality Management at the University of Costa Rica”.

6.1.4.a Develop and implement tools for the continuous improvement of processes, including the deconcentration of processes that merit it and the simplification of procedures INTERANNUAL VIC. OF ADMINISTRATION 2013-2014: The definition of a joint work plan is elaborated with the School of Industrial Engineering: “Plan for the implementation of the Quality Management System”, which defines activities, indicators, responsible parties and deadlines. It includes the offices of Human Resources, Financial Administration, Supplies and General Services. 2015: 1. Meetings were held with a team of officials from the units and their respective headquarters. The VRA met the specified goal; however, it will continue working on the continuous process improvement tool in 2017.

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