Difference between simplified and abbreviated procedure

The Judge of Guarantee is in charge, during the investigation stage, of protecting the constitutional rights of the accused, the victim and witnesses. Likewise, it rules in cases that do not require going to an Oral Criminal Court.

They are ways of terminating a criminal proceeding in cases of low-crime offenses, which are intended to avoid an oral trial. There are two types of alternative exits: one is the conditional suspension of proceedings and the other is reparatory agreements.

Therefore, the Social Protection Card is the instrument that will identify and prioritize with greater precision the population that really needs social benefits, reliably characterizing the socio-economic condition of the user and his family.

The co-payment scale considers free of charge for those beneficiaries who register up to 16,316 points in the Social Protection Card and full payment of the service for those who present more than 16,316 points in the same Card.

What is the simplified procedure?

What is a simplified procedure? A simplified procedure is applied when the penalty requested by the prosecutor does not exceed the minimum term of imprisonment, that is, up to 540 days (Art. 388 CPP).

What is the summary simplified open procedure?

Simplified and summary open procedure in the new Public Sector Contracts Law. … The aim of the legislator is to reduce the requirements of the ordinary open procedure and arise as an alternative to the minor contract (incorrectly applied) and the negotiated procedure due to the amount.

What is a simplified oral trial?

This is an effective tool for shortening the processing of cases and makes it possible to precipitate a judicial decision on the acquittal or conviction of the accused, directly by the Judge of Guarantee, without the need to go to trial before the Court of Oral Trial in Criminal Matters.

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Simplified procedure pdf

Some benefits, such as social security survivor’s benefits or benefits of a dependent of a deceased veteran, can generally be collected without going to probate court.

If the total value of these assets is $166,250 or less and 40 days have passed since the death, you can transfer personal property by making an affidavit. You will need to use a special form available at most banks or from an attorney. Your court’s help center may also have this form and may have a sample form that you can use as a guide.

What is the open procedure?

The open procedure is the system for awarding public contracts in which any interested entrepreneur may submit a proposal and in which any negotiation of the terms of the contract with the bidders is prohibited.

What happens if I do not accept an abbreviated trial?

With the waiver of trial, a reduction of one degree can be obtained, so that the minimum sentence that the prosecutor can offer is five years and one day. Again, in this second case, the penalty differential is significant and would be five years of imprisonment.

What is the difference between a simplified trial and an abbreviated procedure?

2o) With respect to crimes, the simplified procedure refers to misdemeanors or simple crimes with a minimum penalty. The abbreviated system includes offenses with sentences not exceeding five years of imprisonment or maximum imprisonment (art. 406).

Abbreviated and simplified procedure

This report concludes categorically stating that: “In the simplified open procedure of summary processing, regulated in Article 159.6 of the LCSP, registration in an official register of bidding companies is not required as a requirement for participation”.

After the embarrassment of the different interpretations regarding the limits of the minor contract, it seems that the new game between advisory boards, to the stupefaction of contract managers, is going to be played in relation to the requirement of registration in the ROLECE in the simplified procedure.

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With regard to the simplified summary procedure of Article 159.6, it is stated that: “In all matters not provided for in this paragraph, the general regulation of the simplified open procedure provided for in this article shall apply”. It must therefore be concluded that registration in the ROLECE must be requested under the same conditions as in the open procedure.

So far so good. The general rule is that, well after the deadline for entry into force set by the Third Transitional Provision of the LCSP, registration in the ROLECE or equivalent regional registry is mandatory on the final date for submission of bids in simplified open procedures, both in the summary and abbreviated procedures.

What does open contract mean?

This is a very broad concept, as it is intended to cover transparency not only in contracts for works, services and supplies, but also in property contracts and in general with respect to any exchange of goods, assets and public resources.

What does an open contract mean?

An “open” contract is one that is formalized by indicating a maximum and minimum range that may be requested by means of supply orders, given the impossibility of determining the exact or precise quantities of goods or services that the agency or entity will require during the term of the agreement of wills, …

Who can request abbreviated procedure?

Proceedings. The abbreviated procedure shall be processed at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in cases in which the accused admits the fact attributed to him/her in the indictment and consents to the application of this procedure, and the coadjutant accuser, if applicable, does not present well-founded opposition.

Simplified trial

We therefore have two “modalities” of the simplified open procedure, whereby the simpler one (Art. 159.6) may be used for contracts with a value of less than 80,000 euros in the case of works and 60,000 euros in the case of supplies or services, while the maximum threshold for the simplified open procedure is 2 million euros in the case of works contracts and in the case of supplies or services the value must be less than the Community threshold2 .

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Those with a value of less than 25,000 euros are not necessarily considered to be included in the MAPA, so that in this area the contract may be verbal (R-2112-1). 40,000, which do not require advertising in official journals or competition (R-2122-8), although several quotations may be consulted.

The definition of the contractual object and its services in a document is configured as the fundamental element of the MAPA. The needs definition document may be simple or more complex depending on the needs to be satisfied. It does not necessarily require, therefore, specifications, an invitation to tender by means of the description of requirements document being sufficient. A reference to general administrative and, if available, technical specifications corresponding to the purpose of the contract is advisable in order to adequately frame the whole of the regulation and, if necessary, to derogate from certain clauses of these specifications.

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