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The pandemic has caused instability and uncertainty in the markets. For investors, it is time to keep a cool head and turn to reliable and up-to-date sources of information. On the other hand, people who want to learn how to invest from home have at their disposal quality educational resources just a click away. Good advice on savings and investment products is a key factor in people’s financial health.

A bad investment decision affects financial health. Therefore, before taking the plunge, it is advisable to be sure and convinced of what you are going to do. And if possible, to be well advised. Investing in what is understood, with a known and assumed risk beforehand, with professional advice and allocating the surplus money between income and common expenses would be the basic guidelines to take into account.

It is mainly a YouTube channel on personal finance with short, easy to understand and very didactic videos. The playlist dedicated to investment contains audiovisual pills with answers to all kinds of questions: from how to start investing to what steps to take to be a good investor or where to put your money.

What are the tools of finance?

Financial tools allow to organize and analyze the economic situation of the company, including the analysis of financial statements and new strategies for the optimization of resources.

What is the most important financial tool?

Accounting and financial analysis are the tools recognized and accepted par excellence in all types of companies as the necessary instruments to carry out an adequate decision making process at the management level, take actions, make investment or indebtedness decisions as the case may be, and to make decisions about the …

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What is the importance of financial tools?

Financial tools are very useful because they allow us to organize the financial statements for better management and to be sure that the financial tools are being managed and applied correctly to increase the company’s profits.

Importance of financial tools

How much pension will I receive? How long have I been contributing to Social Security? The Social Security has launched a new portal through which citizens can find out their future pension based on updated scales. In order to use this tool you must be registered.

Interesting tool that allows us to compare the costs involved in buying a home versus renting. It takes into account: the duration and amount of the mortgage, the rental price or taxes, among others.

Free applications that will allow you to record what you spend every day. They do not take up too much space on your phone, do not require an Internet connection and do not need your personal data to work.

Have you ever stopped to think if you would act in the same way if in 2007 you had known the bursting of the real estate bubble and the subsequent crisis? You are facing the most important decision of your life: buying an apartment. This “video game”, created by RTVE, presents you with different situations: how would you plan the housewarming party? how would you get to your house? etc.

What tool is used to know the status of a company?

To determine the financial situation, businessmen can resort to the balance sheet, also known as the statement of financial position. This document is necessary to evaluate the performance of a company over a given period of time since it shows, in figures, the organization’s financial situation.

What is the most convenient tool for decision making in a company that meets the requirements of the shareholders?

The financial analysis or diagnosis is the most effective tool to evaluate the economic and financial performance of a company throughout a specific fiscal year and to compare its results with those of other companies in the same industry that are well managed and have similar characteristics….

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How can financial tools help in the management of a company?

Financial tools contribute significantly to decision making because these financial instruments allow to visualize exactly which path the company should take; for this reason it is very important that managers show adequate aptitude and attitude at the time of decision; however, it is important that the company’s management has an adequate aptitude and attitude at the time of …

Financial analysis tools

Today it is widely known and accepted by top managers and financial directors that accounting and financial analysis are fundamental to diagnose the current situation and project the future of the business in the medium and long term.

Likewise, it is recognized the importance of implementing methodologies and rules for the management information management in such a way that intrinsic business practices are generated from the management of financial tools.

The management of financial information in SMEs, although there is no defined pattern to understand the high mortality rate of SMEs in our country, it is clear that one of the most common causes is the absence of adequate procedures and a lack of interest in the rigorous study of financial information.

It is also important to point out that financial information does not guarantee business success. Likewise, if the financial manager does not understand the figures shown in his monthly financial information, he will not know what to do with them.

What is the importance of funding sources?

The sources of financing make it possible to operate by being a set of monetary resources, in such a way that they are considered the company’s fuel, since they make it possible for a business to operate successfully. In short, they are what allow a company to meet its objectives and achieve its goals.

What tool is used to analyze financial statements?

Indicators. Indicators are tools for analyzing different aspects of the entity, such as its capacity to generate liquidity, its indebtedness capacity and its level of profitability, as well as for interpreting and reading the financial statements.

What are the analysis tools?

An analysis tool is, in turn, a specific procedure for organizing, decomposing, presenting or structuring data and information in order to draw meaningful conclusions that facilitate decision making.

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What financial tools are used for decision making?

Much of the information needed is integrated with all the data handled by the accounting and finance departments. Therefore, the application of accounting formulas is very simple. Understanding that the accounting of the companies is an obligation and a file of information that is fundamental.

It is an accounting document that supports the updated information of the company, where the assets and liabilities are reflected.    There you can find all the information regarding resources, assets, obligations and commitments.    As well as the obligations, duties, rights and capitals with which the company lays its foundations.

It is not a matter of providing specific information or historical data, it reflects data that are essential to know the economic or accounting condition during a period of time.    Hence the importance of its application.    The learning of all these resources can be obtained through the incorporation to a Master’s degree in management and finance.    Which is available in our institution and that you will be able to study quickly.

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