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This consists of three main areas: play and explore, active learning, and critical and creative thinking. All of these are covered in the EYFS program and goals defined by teachers.

The Early Learning Goals were devised for the UK schools curriculum as a statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Through fun games and activities appropriately led by the teacher, your child will look at the seven areas that make up the Early Learning Goals. These areas are:

In EYFS we use storytelling, nursery rhymes, poems and counting games to encourage listening and interaction with the aim of developing concentration, attention span and participation skills.

In addition to the above, we use all kinds of activities to develop your child’s early reading skills. We rely on the use of the phoneme program (we name letters and sounds that approximate the phonemes they will use orally). We use a variety of exercises to help your child become familiar with speaking, the sound of their voice and writing their name, such as word puzzles, activities and games that support your child in identifying sounds.

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Learning is structured following “Learning Characteristics” that lay the foundations of this educational model: learning by playing and exploring freely, in an active, motivating way, encouraging the development of creative and critical thinking and through planned activities inside and outside the classroom.

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We could also offer free activities that promote the area of physical development and specifically fine motor skills: set up a basket with objects or round stones and tweezers to play at collecting dinosaur eggs while practicing their handling of utensils and hand-eye coordination.

What are the 3 prime areas of the eyfs? 2022

A: In Junior School, the subjects taught in English are: English, Science, Religious and Personal Social Studies, and Geography, as part of the Enquiry course in the International Primary Program. In Early Years all subjects taught in English are integrated. Such integration increases students’ interest in the content of the subjects and, therefore, this provides a significant basis for understanding and acquiring new language structures and patterns.

At Senior School, the subjects taught in English are: World History, World Geography, Biology, Environmental Systems, Business, Science and English, which means that a total of 40% of the subjects are taught in English.

The IB Diploma Program is a very demanding academic program that includes six subject areas, Community Service, Creative Action, the Study of how we “know” things and the production of a 4,000 word research paper.

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We are aware that, in most cases, English is not the mother tongue of our students. We therefore closely monitor and develop our students’ English language skills, while creating an immersive educational program, closely aligned with the English National Curriculum. We strive to provide students, whatever their background, nationality or age, with stimulating and creative environments that encourage, challenge and stimulate curiosity, creativity and interest in learning.

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During this stage, our philosophy is to foster an intrinsic love of learning. We lay the foundation for the academic and social skills that will develop throughout your child’s school career. Through a rich, diverse and exciting curriculum, our students become well-rounded, confident learners who have a wide variety of opportunities to question the world around them.

Our highest aspiration is to offer a curriculum with diverse educational opportunities that recognizes and values the uniqueness of each of our students, develops their full potential, and prepares them to meet the challenges the future holds.

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