What are the 8 steps to create an effective records management program?

Document management program

3. Tables of documents of the Document Management and Records Management Model (MGD) of the Transparency and Access to Information Network:Table 1. Outline of the Document Management and Records Management Model. Implementation guidelinesTable 2. Documents of the Document Management and Records Management Model: Implementation Guides, Guidelines, and Annexes.

With the implementation of the Model, document management and archiving processes will be standardized and standardized to ensure and contribute to the proper creation, treatment, preservation, access and control of documents.

The standardization of document management policies and procedures ensures the proper care and protection of documents and allows the evidentiary values and information they contain to be preserved and recovered in an efficient and more effective way, by using standardized practices and processes based on best practices.

And what do we mean by document management in an organization? There are a number of definitions of records management. For the International Council on Archives, records management is the “area of administrative management responsible for achieving efficiency and economy in the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records” (1988. Dictionary of Archival Terminology). ISO 15489-1:2001 (2001. Information and Documentation. Document management. Part 1: General) considers document management as the “field of management responsible for the systematic and efficient control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use, preservation and evaluation of documents, which includes processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of activities and operations in the form of documents, and information about them”.

What is document management and processing?

Management and processing of documents: Activities necessary for the registration, linkage to a procedure, distribution including actions or delegations, description, availability, recovery and access for consultation of documents, control and monitoring of the procedures carried out by the document …

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How many and which are the activities of the Document Management Program?

The PGD systematically develops the eight (8) document management processes for the AGN: planning, production, management and processing, organization, transfers, disposition, preservation and valuation; it details the activities to be carried out in each of these processes every four years in short timeframes ( …

What are the aspects of document management?

Document management consists of capturing, storing and retrieving documents. Document management consists of capturing, storing and retrieving documents. Any organization already captures, stores and retrieves documents every day.

Document management process pdf

Specialists in document management assure that there are 8 steps to impact the document management process in a company, stay with us and take note of everything you need to execute an optimal management.

It is important to remember that the main objective of these 8 steps is the exponential growth of companies, as well as the implementation of new strategies in favor of the economy. Therefore, in order to have a positive impact on the document management process, it is important that you follow these steps:

Planning is made up of all those administrative activities that allow the proper review and assessment of all documentary information, taking into account the following elements:

In this step an exhaustive evaluation of all the company’s documents is made, from their creation, entry and categorization, without forgetting their relevance and functionality in all administrative processes.

It is in this sixth step where all the processes of selection and valuation of the file or document must be considered, all for the benefit of its conservation. For this purpose, the retention and valuation tables must be taken into account.

What are the document organization processes?

Process by means of which classification, arrangement and description activities of the documentary collections of the entities are developed, respecting the principle of origin and original order of the archival documents. “Note: It is indispensable to have TRD and/or TVD validated ….

Who should develop a Document Management Program?

The design and implementation of the Document Management Program requires the leadership of the archive area or whoever takes its place and the integral participation of all the areas of the entity (top management, planning area, internal control office, quality management office, human talent area, internal control area, quality management office, human resources area, …

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What is a Document Management Program?

The Document Management Program – PGD is the archival instrument that allows the General Archive of the Nation Jorge Palacios Preciado – AGN to formulate and document in the short, medium and long term, the systematic development of the processes of document management, aimed at planning, processing, …

Documentary processes examples

Document management is a hot topic right now, given the importance of data in the way the world does business in the digital age. If you want to make sure your company never falls foul of the data breaches or non-compliance scandals that seem to be everywhere, you’ll need one of the best document management systems. It’s the internal procedural system that ensures you have everything covered when dealing with your documentation. Here’s how you can maintain a smooth records management plan in ten simple steps.

If you want to sleep with peace of mind knowing that everything is under control and that your personal documents aren’t at risk of being hacked, you’ll need to put your best people on it. They are the ones who know your business inside out and, where possible, should come from as many departments as possible. That way, you’ll have an accurate picture of how data and electronic files are used throughout the company, and you won’t constantly modify your plan to meet the needs of different departments.

Which standard approves the Document Management Program?

Law 594 of 2000 – General Archives Law, defines document management as the set of administrative and technical activities aimed at planning, handling and organizing the documentation produced and received by the entities, from its origin to its final destination, with the purpose of facilitating its …

What is management and processing in a company?

The administrative management of document processing is the set of technical standards and practices used to manage the flow of documents of all types in an organization.

What is short-, medium- and long-term programming in document management?

The Document Management Program is defined as an archival instrument that formulates and documents in the short, medium and long term, the systematic development of archival processes, aimed at planning, processing, handling and organization of the documentation produced and received by an entity, …

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Example of the 8 steps of document management

The production of documents within companies requires regulation, control and, above all, planning in the different administrative processes. This is what the 8 steps of document management in archives are focused on, so pay attention and take note because below we will give you the bases you need to execute an optimal management.

Document management processes establish the principles and strategies for the proper treatment of documents and information, in order to guarantee their access and preservation. The objective of these steps is the exponential growth of companies, as well as the implementation of compendiums for the benefit of the economy. That is why, in order to carry out a correct document and archive management, you should follow these steps:

In this way we can say that, planning is the implementation of protocols, standards and management objectives, as well as the bases to be taken into account in the production, categorization and storage of documents, starting from a preliminary review of the business context.