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In the traditional model of Information Technology (IT) implementation, organizations allocate material, human and technological resources, which are grouped in an area in charge of solving problems related to the IT infrastructure and the development of applications for the organization.

If this were to happen, the user would not have to worry about acquiring computer equipment and its respective maintenance, updating applications or operating systems, since it would be the supplier’s responsibility.

It is for this reason that organizations are turning their attention to this technology known as cloud computing, which is capable of minimizing the time spent on activities of lesser value and allowing personnel working in information technology areas to focus their attention on strategic activities that have a real impact on the organization’s business processes.

“Cloud computing is a paradigm that makes it possible to offer computing services over the Internet; in this context, the cloud is a metaphor for the Internet “1 The types of services that can be provided through the cloud are extensive. According to this model, the client pays a provider for a service or for the use of a given resource (memory, storage, processing, software, databases, etc.) and the provider provides the service over the Internet.

What are the benefits of the Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide computer network and the services it offers allow users to communicate, share resources and access a large amount of information from anywhere in the world. It is one of the most widely used services with which it is possible to send and receive electronic messages.

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What are the advantages of digital privacy?

Digital privacy is fundamental to guarantee the correct, respectful and safe use of the dynamics that the Internet makes possible. It is a step, if you will, towards a friendlier, safer Internet that encourages responsible use of technology.

Why is privacy important in social networks?

The importance of privacy in social networks lies in protecting our integrity and minimizing the risks of suffering any type of threat. In this topic we refer to robberies, kidnappings, scams, extortion and any other criminal act.

Internet services are

Cloud file storage is a method of storing data in the cloud that provides servers and applications with access to data via shared file systems. This support makes cloud file storage ideal for workloads that rely on shared file systems and provides simple integration without the need for code changes.

A cloud file system is a hierarchical storage system that provides shared access to file data. Users can create, delete, modify, read and write files, as well as logically organize them into directory trees for intuitive access.

1. Scalability: While not all cloud file storage solutions can scale to utilize the full capabilities of the cloud, the most advanced solutions offer the ability to start with the capacity and performance levels you currently need and scale up as your needs change. You no longer need to over-provision capacity to test and anticipate future needs.

What are the benefits of using the Internet for a student?

Resolves concerns instantly. Stimulates the development and use of social and cognitive skills, favoring learning. It is a collaboration tool, providing services that help teamwork. It provides a global vision, access to various cultures, countries and ways of seeing life.

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What are the characteristics of digital privacy?

Digital privacy is the right of users to protect their data on the network and to decide what information can be visible to others. … Therefore, a person has the right to prevent others from accessing his or her personal data without his or her consent.

What does digital privacy entail?

We define digital privacy

We understand digital privacy as the right of website users to decide which personal data they want to share and which they do not want to share. Therefore, all those who surf the Internet should be able to determine what information they do and do not give out.

What is privacy on the Internet?

Communication and Information Technologies refer to a set of tools and resources that facilitate both communication between people and the collection and analysis of information.

The incorporation of these new technologies in the business world has meant a before and after in organizations, both internally and externally. Such is the impact, that all those SMEs that have integrated the use of ICT would not go back.    But what are the advantages offered by ICTs to SMEs?

How important is privacy?

Privacy allows to have a space of intimacy, by relating to personal or group desires to promote interpersonal relationships, in this way we could affirm that intimacy is a criterion of privacy since it makes it possible for the person to be out of the observation of other individuals, …

What are the characteristics of privacy?

Characteristics of privacy on the Internet

Home address. Personal identification number. Bank details. … Answering digital surveys that ask for personal data.

What are the digital privacy risks?

Phishing is one of the biggest digital privacy risks. Through this system, cybercriminals seek to trick the user into revealing personal data, such as bank account information. … Avoid giving out personal information, access data or passwords.

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Importance of digital privacy

Data integration is a combination of technical and business processes used to combine information from different sources into reliable and valuable data.  These integration solutions help to understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data so that companies can be confident that the information source is reliable, consistent and managed in real time.

A complete data integration solution delivers reliable data from a variety of sources. Data integration solutions help understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data so you can be confident that the source of information is reliable, consistent and governed in real time.

Integration supports the analytical processing of large data sets by aligning, combining and presenting each set of information from organizational departments and remote and external data sources to meet the integrator’s objectives.

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