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About this blog This blog is the communication tool of the “Construction Procedures” subjects taught at the School of Civil Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

“In my opinion, no one can be a good designer, a good researcher, a good leader in the civil engineering profession unless he understands the methods and problems of builders” (Ralph B. Peck, 1912-2008).

Here is a video showing the rapid construction of a bridge using precast elements, including piers. It is a bridge in Lagrange, Georgia. I hope you like it.

The central span of the bridge is cable-stayed.  The set is completed with two approach viaducts, consisting of two continuous box girders, one for each footing, made of prestressed concrete. The total length of the viaducts is 863 meters.  Therefore, the bridge measures 1,558 m. in total length between the steel bridge plus the access viaducts. (more…)


This system is regulated by the International Convention for the Protection of Life at Sea (SOLAS), approved under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a UN agency. It has been in operation on merchant and passenger ships since 1999.

NAVTEX is an automatic direct-printing telegraphy system that distributes maritime safety warnings, weather forecasts, news and other similar types of information to ships (MSI) Maritime Safety Information.

Navtex is a receiver that must be previously programmed to receive from specific coastal stations, also called AREAS and also the type of message to be received in addition to the mandatory ones (A, B, D and L).

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This network provides voice or fax communication between ships or between ships and shore, warning and news alerts system, as well as data and telex transfer services to rescue coordination centers. At present, a large part of the merchant fleet has electronic mail through this system.

Dental bridge. We explain the procedure at Dentix

Have you ever found your car with a flat battery without knowing how it happened? It is one of the easiest problems to avoid but that sooner or later all drivers suffer.

Before performing the procedure, you must comply with the minimum safety conditions such as: avoid smoking, turn off the engine of both cars, remove any metal accessory nearby, place the car handbrake and never touch the metals of the batteries because of the risk of suffering an electric shock.

The black cable you connect it to the negative terminal of the battery of the auxiliary car. The other end of the cable should not be connected to the terminal of your battery, but to any metallic part of the car. That yes, far away from the battery avoiding any spark that can be generated.

Once this is done, it is time to disconnect the cables. This process is done in reverse: disconnecting first the clamp of the metallic piece, and followed of this, disconnecting the other end of the cable to the battery.

Bridge Pile Construction Procedure

To order the registration of the aforementioned Collective Bargaining Agreement in the corresponding Register of Collective Bargaining Agreements and Collective Labor Agreements with operation through electronic means of this Management Center, with notification to the Negotiating Committee.

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The present Agreement, which has company scope, regulates the social and labor conditions between the entity SASEMAR and the crew members of its fleet, constituted this one by units, own or rented, destined to the activity of Maritime Rescue, Towing and Fight against the Pollution of the Marine Environment.

Being the agreed conditions an organic and indivisible whole, the present Agreement shall be null and void and without effect in the event that the competent authority or jurisdiction, in the exercise of its own powers, invalidates all or part of its contents. In this case the Agreement would return to the process of deliberations and agreements within the Negotiating Committee. Likewise, the application of one or more of its clauses may not be sought in rejection of the rest, but it shall always be considered and observed in its entirety.

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