Indecopi complaints book

As of 09/23/2020, all foreigners who have been granted a residence visa in Chile as holder or dependent, will be able to obtain an Electronic Certificate of Residence.  In the case of dependents, they will be able to do so one week after the corresponding holder has obtained and activated their Electronic Stamping (EE).

In case this is the first Visa to be granted, the corresponding registration must be made at the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) within a period not exceeding 30 days. Then, within the same period of time, you must apply for your Identity Card for foreigners at the Civil Registry and Identification Service (Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación).

What is it and how do I file a claim?

Claim. It is any right that any person has to demand, claim or demand a solution, either for general or particular reason, regarding the improper provision of a service or the lack of attention to a request.

What are the steps a consumer must take to file a complaint?

To the Consumer Service Office of the Directorate General of Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Community of Madrid for advice. You can also write to the e-mail [email protected] or call 91 310 59 03 or 91 310 58 39.

What is a sample complaint?

A complaint is an expression of pain or grief. For example: “Upon being hit by the bullet, Rodolfo emitted a choked complaint and fainted”, “A heartbreaking complaint pierced the night when the news of the death began to circulate among the relatives”, “The dog whined after being hit”.

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Complaint Book 2020

In our branches and/or the Call Center: talk to our executives in the branch of your preference or their telephone service unit, if the executive that attends you in the branch is not able to solve your problem to your satisfaction, please talk directly to the Branch Manager, who has the authority to solve most of the problems that arise.

The Specialized Unit of Attention to Users (UNE) of the Financial Group: In case you consider that the attention to your consultation, clarification or complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily or within the established time, you may contact the Specialized Unit of Clarifications. This unit operates in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services and will provide you with a response within 30 business days following receipt of the request.

What is the difference between a complaint and a grievance?

The consumer files a claim when he/she is not satisfied with the goods purchased or services rendered, while the complaint expresses his/her discomfort with respect to an issue not directly related to the business, such as poor service.

How to make a claim to the water company?

Contact us through the toll-free line 116 (from outside Bogota 01-8000116-007) and receive personalized attention to resolve concerns or submit requests, complaints and claims. To contact Aqualínea 116, you can also do so via cell phone, from any operator, by dialing 116.

What can be claimed in consumer affairs?

What is a consumer complaint? It is used to claim those interests of the consumer that may have been violated or to make a claim regarding a company that is violating the current consumer regulations.

How to respond to a complaint in the complaints book

Sometimes, consumers go to the Consumer Attention Office, the Municipal Offices of Consumer Information (OMICs) or through the Internet and make complaints that cannot be processed.

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When you ask for a complaint form in an establishment or from a professional and then take it to the Directorate General of Trade and Consumer Affairs, the OMIC, or deliver it via the Internet, you should know that what you are doing is to go to the administration to mediate with the company to which you are complaining:

In this case, as the printer was acquired for use in the professional office, it is understood that it is for the exercise of the profession, and therefore, the user is not a consumer. He would have to go, therefore, to the courts of justice.

In this case, the matter exceeds the scope of the competences of the Consumer bodies, due to the possible existence of a criminal infringement, and it is only possible to file the appropriate complaint with the State Security Forces.

Where are consumer complaints placed?

To file either action, you may do so through the SIC website .

How long does it take to respond to a consumer complaint?

The maximum term for the Administration to resolve and notify the resolution of the claim processing procedure shall be a maximum of 3 months (from the date the claim is received in the electronic registry of the competent body for processing).

How to write a complaint to a company?


Explain the problem and the background to your complaint. Be clear in asking for specific action to be taken. Include copies of all documents related to your problem. Wait a reasonable time to receive a response from the company.

Characteristics of a formal complaint

The employer must file the corresponding Individual Industrial Accident Report (DIAT) with the information indicated in its format, of which he must keep a copy, with the administrative agency to which he is affiliated or adhered, within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time he became aware of the respective industrial accident or commuting accident.

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The self-employed worker must submit the corresponding DIAT, with the information requested therein, to the Administrative Body to which he/she is affiliated or adhered, within a maximum period of 24 hours after the work or commuting accident has occurred, and must keep a copy of it.

In the event that the worker dies or his health condition prevents him from filing the report within 24 hours, the report must be filed by his rightful claimants, by the treating physician or by any person who has had knowledge of the facts.

If a worker declares to his employer that he suffers from an illness or presents symptoms that presumably have an occupational origin, the employer must send the corresponding “Individual Report of Occupational Disease” (DIEP), at the latest within 24 hours and send the worker immediately after knowing the fact, for his attention to the health care establishment of the respective administrative agency, where the necessary examinations and procedures must be performed to establish the common or occupational origin of the disease. The employer must keep a copy of the DIEP.