What are the key policies and systems that support safeguarding in schools?

The Bourbon reforms (Chap. 3)

These strategies are valid whether staff and students have resumed face-to-face classes, staff are assigned to schools to facilitate virtual classes, or the school implements hybrid models (combining face-to-face and virtual education). There are certain aspects of these strategies that reach non-school sites that are under the administration of K-12 school systems (such as administrative workers in school district administration offices, transportation centers, and maintenance shops).

When school personnel or students report or have symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat) upon arrival at school, or if they become ill during the school day, school administrators should:

Disinfect (with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Schedule N disinfectants. (EPA)-listed N-list disinfectants (external site icon) kills any germs that may remain on surfaces, further reducing the risk of spreading infections.

Learning to Protect Biodiversity

In 2018, the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (CENAPRECE) of the Ministry of Health (SS), ratified the Epidemiological Emergency Declarations EE-5-2018 and EE-6-2018 for all Mexican states due to the magnitude and importance of cases of overweight and obesity [4],  4], in which the authorities of the three levels of government are called upon to coordinate with the SS in order to intensify promotion, prevention, timely diagnosis and control of overweight and obesity.

[2]UNICEF, Instituto Nacional para la Evaluación de la Educación, Breve panorama educativo de la población indígena, Mexico, 2017, p. 15, http://publicaciones.inee.edu.mx/buscadorPub/P3/B/107/P3B107.pdf

[7]SEP, Principales Cifras del Sistema Educativo Nacional 2016-2017, Mexico, Dirección General de Planeación, Programación y Estadística Educativa, 2017, p. 31 available at http://www.planeacion.sep.gob.mx/Doc/estadistica_e_indicadores/principales_cifras/principales_cifras_2016_2017_bolsillo.pdf

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In its first Pedagogical Guidance issued on Saturday, March 14, it invites to a thematic curricular organization of the weeks, to the elaboration of informative videos, permanent communication with families and students via WhatsApp, messaging or the means available in the educational circuits and zones.

In its second Prevention and Protection Guidance issued on Monday, March 16, it delivers guidelines to complement the educational work at home with the launching of a line of educational programming on open television (VTV channel) from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs, the digitalization of the textbooks of the study plan and programs and socialization via social networks.

A third document called Pedagogical Guidelines on the Portfolio issued on Tuesday, March 17 proposes the evaluation through portfolios coordinated by teachers and communities as resources for follow-up and monitoring of educational progress, providing the elements that make up the digital portfolio and the evaluation criteria.


Likewise, new state means of effective intervention have been created, such as the Military Emergency Unit. On the other hand, the Autonomous Communities and Local Entities have deployed their own competences in this matter, regulating their actions, configuring their own civil protection services, developing competent emergency coordination bodies that have meant a substantive advance in the management of all types of emergencies and effective municipal civil protection services. The recently approved Statutes of Autonomy expressly confirm the respective autonomic competences, although, naturally, with respect for those of the State and in collaboration with the latter.

Other preventive resources already provided for in the previous regulations are improved. All civil protection plans must establish preventive information and alert programs to guarantee the permanent training of the services intervening in emergencies, of those affected by them and of the media, as the case may be. The National Civil Protection Alert Network is strengthened as an instrument of immediate communication and prevention of all emergencies, by incorporating the competent emergency coordination bodies of the Autonomous Communities as a channel for the transmission of alarms to the corresponding authorities.

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