The General Health Council’s Guide to Integrated Palliative Care Management

1. Care for dependent persons and the promotion of their personal autonomy is one of the main challenges of social policy in developed countries. The challenge is none other than to meet the needs of those people who, because they are in a situation of special vulnerability, require support to carry out the essential activities of daily living, to achieve greater personal autonomy and to be able to fully exercise their rights of citizenship.

In October 2003, the Plenary Session of the Congress of Deputies approved the Renewal of the Toledo Pact with an Additional Recommendation 3, which states: “it is therefore necessary to set up an integrated system that addresses the phenomenon of dependency from a global perspective, and the Commission considers that a prompt regulation is necessary that includes the definition of dependency, the current situation of its coverage, the challenges foreseen and the possible alternatives for its protection”.

The conclusions of the Report of the Subcommission on the study of the current situation of disability, dated December 13, 2003, coincide in the need to configure a comprehensive system of dependency from a global perspective with the active participation of all of society.

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The UK Government has a mandate to reform the human rights framework. The UK has a long tradition of respect for human rights and, in the view of the UK Government, the Human Rights Act left the system open to abuse.

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The proposed Bill of Rights will continue to protect fundamental human rights while restoring the proper constitutional balance. Detailed proposals are being prepared. Although the Human Rights Act is not subject to devolution, in 2014 the Scottish Parliament passed a motion in support of the Act. The UK Government will undertake a full consultation on the proposals, seek the views of the devolved administrations, and hold a full debate before the relevant legislation is enacted.

The First Minister and Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland are considering the recommendations of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner on strengthening their role, particularly with regard to the independence required by the Paris Principles.

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ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE OF THE LAW. The purpose of this legislative initiative is to establish the State Policy for the Integral Development of Early Childhood from Zero to Forever, which lays the conceptual, technical and management foundations to guarantee integral development, within the framework of the Doctrine of Integral Protection.

ARTICLE 4. DEFINITIONS. For the purposes of the present law, two types of definitions are presented based on the agreements and conceptual developments of the policy: concepts specific to early childhood, and concepts related to the management of the policy.

a) Integral development. Comprehensive development as a right, as expressed in Article 29 of Law 1098 of 2006, is the main goal and purpose of this policy. Integral development is understood as the singular process of transformations and changes of a qualitative and quantitative nature through which the subject disposes of its characteristics, capacities, qualities and potentialities to progressively structure its identity and autonomy.

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General Comment 20 of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Objective: To establish coordination between the State Government and municipal governments to prevent, address, punish and eradicate violence against women, as well as to establish government policies and actions to guarantee women’s access to a life free of violence that favors their development and well-being in accordance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination, which guarantee the integral development of women.

Objective: To organize, protect, promote and develop beekeeping in the State of Mexico, as well as the regulation and strengthening of producer organizations, management systems for honey products and the commercialization of beehive inputs and products.

Objective: To establish the bases, objectives and procedures of the State Social Assistance System, which promotes the programs, actions and rendering of social assistance services, as well as to coordinate the access to them, guaranteeing the concurrence of this federative entity, of the municipalities that compose it and of the social and private sectors.

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