What are the reporting procedures?

Types of notification

To ensure that the service offered to users is carried out in a timely, effective and efficient manner, satisfying institutional needs and making adequate use of existing economic, human and technological resources.

To become a recognized office in the organization, distinguished for having an adequate planning, working as a team, acting with commitment and contributing with quality to the notification service provided to the different user agencies and departments, in accordance with the values that identify us.

The personnel of the Office shall maintain discretion with respect to the information to which they have access and shall only provide information on the proceedings carried out to the Head of Office and/or at the request of their superiors.

The Coordinator shall immediately inform his superiors of any actions or omissions committed by the personnel in office, which affect the effectiveness and/or validity of the notifications, of which he has personal knowledge or through third party complaints.

What is the notification procedure?

It is the procedural act of the judge, carried out through the notifier or the person indicated by law, through which the judge’s resolutions or court orders are put in writing and made known to the parties or third parties.

How are administrative acts notified?

Notification of administrative acts shall be made, indistinctly, by any of the following means: a) By registered mail or by courier, at the tax domicile, with acknowledgment of receipt or with certification of the refusal of receipt made by the person in charge of the diligence.

What should a notification look like?

In general terms, the notifications must contain the following information: a) Full text of the act or resolution. b) Indication of whether or not the act is final in administrative proceedings, with an expression of the applicable appeals, the body before which they must be filed and the time limits for contesting them.

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Notification in administrative proceedings

“…for the sole purpose of understanding that the obligation to notify within the maximum term of the proceedings has been fulfilled, the notification containing, at least, the full text of the resolution, as well as the duly accredited notification attempt, will be sufficient”.

“…if two attempts are recorded in the file within the maximum term to resolve, the resolution must be understood to have been issued within the term, even if the notification to the interested party or addressee exceeds said maximum term to resolve. It is a different matter, as the sentence indicates, that the effectiveness of the act is deployed from the notification and that it is precisely then when the interested party has the time limit to challenge it administratively or judicially.

Jurisprudential doctrine that today can be considered to be extrapolated to the notifications made on paper in accordance with the provisions of the LPACA, without prejudice to the fact that the same has raised the level of requirement of “attempted notification”, as can be deduced from its art. 42.2 which in relation to the practice of notifications on paper comes to provide that:

What are the types of notifications?

Notifications will be made in the following manner: a) personally, b) on the witness stand, orally, of the orders issued in public hearings. The effects of these notifications will be understood to have taken effect as soon as they have been pronounced, c) by states, d) by edict and, e) by conclusive conduct.

What is notification by notice?

When the electronic address of the person to be notified is known, the notice and the order to be notified may be sent by the Secretary or the interested party by electronic mail. …

What is the notification letter?

Definition of Cédula de notificación

Document (with legal effects) by means of which a judicial officer communicates to the interested parties, at their own domicile, a judicial decision, including the judgment.

Administrative notification example

That, paragraph b) of article 104 of the TUO of the Tax Code, establishes as a form of notification of administrative acts, the one made by electronic means as long as the delivery can be confirmed by the same means; likewise, said norm establishes that, in the case of the Tax Court, the procedure, requirements, forms and other conditions shall be established by means of a ministerial resolution of the Economy and Finance Sector;

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Whereas, article 146 of the aforementioned TUO establishes as a requirement for the appeal, that the taxpayer must be affiliated to the electronic notification of the Tax Court, as established by ministerial resolution of the Economy and Finance Sector;

That, by means of Ministerial Resolution No. 442-2017-EF/40 the “Procedure for the Electronic Notification of Administrative Acts issued by the Tax Court and other acts that facilitate the resolution of disputes” is approved;

That, in accordance with the rules issued in the framework of the National State of Emergency, in particular, the aforementioned Supreme Decree No. 094-2020-PCM and Ministerial Resolution No. 193-2020-EF/43, it is appropriate to adopt relevant measures for the development of the functions of the Tax Court, safeguarding health restrictions and social distancing, so that this does not imply a risk to the health of the servers and its users; In this sense, it is necessary to prioritize the use of technological tools in the procedures, which includes the notification diligences, under the protection of paragraph b) of article 104 of the TUO of the Tax Code, avoiding forms of physical notification that could put at risk the health of the persons who carry them out and of the users who receive the documents to be notified;

When must an administrative act be notified?

In the case of general acts that have been issued in response to a general request, the decision that puts an end to the corresponding administrative action must be communicated; it is a requirement of the Code of Administrative Procedure and Administrative Disputes that in the case of general acts of a general nature, the decision that puts an end to the corresponding administrative action must be communicated to the …

Who must notify an administrative act?

Decisions terminating an administrative action shall be notified personally to the interested party, to his representative or attorney-in-fact, or to the person duly authorized by the interested party to be notified.

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What is the deadline for notifying an administrative act?

40.2 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations establishes that: All notifications must be sent within ten days from the date on which the act was issued.

Notification of administrative acts law 27444

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