How to pronounce lord

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Therefore, it seems as if both flor and nata refer to something distinguished, so saying flor y nata would be something like lo bueno y mejor: a reiteration to give more power to what is described.

In the comments we have already attested that the expression comes from long ago, since it was already used in the sixteenth century together, in its variant of “flor y nata” and “nata y flor”. However, separately they go much further:

However, the definitive clue is given to us by the Latin translation of the terms. We know that “flor” comes from flos, floris. At first we might think that at the time this term could be interpreted literally, but we see that this is not the case. In the dictionary of authorities the meanings and their translations are handled separately, indicating thus:

What lord means in the bible

The National Flower of Venezuela (it is the plant that officially represents part of the natural beauty of Venezuela), and that forms together with the National Tree and the National Bird of Venezuela, the Ornamental Symbols of Venezuela. In Venezuela, the National Flower is the Cattleya Mossiae Orchid, used to decorate the May Cross during a traditional religious festivity of the same name. It was named as National Flower on May 23, 1951 by presidential decree of the then president of the Government Junta Germán Suárez Flamerich.[1].

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Since it was named as National Flower, the May Flower has become a symbol of great transcendence for Venezuela, being considered by Venezuelans as one of the patriotic symbols. In Venezuela, the orchid is considered as a symbol of femininity, this due to its great beauty, in addition to the fact that for the pollination process, it is necessary that the insects are male, which are attracted in a surprising and profound way by its labellum. Although the May flower has different colors, the most representative in Venezuela is the purple one.[4][3][4][3

What does lord mean in Spanish

Spelling rules Author: Gloria Elisa Bravo Bravo 1 Introduction to the course Spelling is the set of rules that regulate the writing of a language. In this course you will learn the basic rules

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MODULE III V. Grammar of texts: THE ACCENT It is important to emphasize that all words in Spanish have an accent. The accent is the intensity of the voice to emphasize a syllable with respect to the others.

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Use of z 1. In acute adjectives ending in az and oz, such as tenaz and veloz. In nouns ending in anza, zón, ozo and azgo, such as venganza, corazón, pozo and hallazgo. Exceptions are

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My lord meaning in English

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