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Together with other professionals (pediatricians, teachers, etc.), municipalities are in the front line to implement this approach and make an early identification of risks, and for this they count on their municipal social services, sports, recreational and cultural activities, as well as participation.

The second session will be a more in-depth session (once the parliamentary process is fully completed), with some practical recommendations for local governments to initiate short, medium and long term actions to implement the Law.

How are children protected?

What can I do to adequately protect children? Expressing affection: it consists of showing through actions and words the love we feel for our children. Physical presence: to be present in every moment of their lives and to enjoy to the maximum the moments they have to share as a family.

What is the purpose of child protection?

Our goal is to promote tender, alternative and non-violent parenting. Together we can advocate for the eradication of physical, verbal and psychological violence against children and adolescents.

How are children protected today?

The institutions in charge of implementing the restitution plan are the Procuradurías de Protección de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes (Offices for the Protection of Children and Adolescents). The Procuraduría de Protección links the rights of violated or restricted children and adolescents with specialized services of the State and society.

Child and adolescent protection rights

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The recently approved Law for the Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents against Violence has provoked diverse comments and there has been no lack of dissenting voices, both in feminist sectors and among organizations working in the protection of children and the family.

The study analyzes the current situation through in-depth interviews with policy makers, NGO managers and families in vulnerable situations and concludes that effective child protection requires a good prevention strategy, through the coordination of child policies with other social measures, especially with family policies.

Laws such as the current one on protection against violence tend to act when violence is already occurring: it proposes dissuasive measures for potential offenders, restorative measures for victims, etc.

What is the protection of children and adolescents?

A Child Protection Policy is an organization’s commitment to protect children from mistreatment, abuse, exploitation or neglect by the organization with regard to their protection.

What is it like to be a child today?

Today’s children are less empathetic, and lack many social skills. Children’s diets can become less healthy, as parents are not as attentive to them. With social media, they are more exposed to inappropriate content for children, and danger.

How does the school protect children’s rights?

The general principles of the Convention related to education include non-discrimination, the best interests of the child, the right of the child to life, survival and development, and the right of the child to express his or her views freely.

Children’s rights

The program integrates the actions of detection, investigation, assessment, intervention and follow-up of cases related to minors at risk, in order to neutralize or minimize the risk factors, or in a situation of neglect, to guarantee their integrity and safety in the family environment or in an alternative living environment, promoting their insertion and providing them with the necessary skills to enable them to develop an independent adult life.

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Its main objective is the execution of measures imposed by the Juvenile Courts under the legislation regulating the criminal responsibility of minors, developing, in addition, other programs and actions for the prevention of delinquency and for the reinsertion of minors and young people who have completed the fulfillment of judicial measures.

The main objective of the promotion programs is to promote and develop the necessary actions to disseminate as much as possible the rights of children, informing the general population, the minors themselves and their families.

What is the meaning of proteccion?

Protection, from the Latin protectĭo, is the action and effect of protecting (safeguarding, defending or protecting something or someone). Protection is a preventive care against a possible risk or problem.

What does it mean to be a child in the 21st century?

On the contrary, for children, childhood is present, “their” pre-present; to be a child in the 21st century is to be a child today, to live childhood today …. A space in which the way of being a child is defined at a given historical moment and in a given geographical, socioeconomic and cultural context.

When can I enforce my rights?

Generally, your case must be decided within 40 days after your complaint is received. You may accept or reject the program’s decision. If you accept it, the manufacturer must also accept it and has 30 days to comply. There is no appeal procedure for the manufacturer.

Child protection number

The IASS has elaborated Guidelines to detect, notify and refer situations of child abuse in Aragon from the scope of Community Social Services, Education, Leisure, Health and Police, as well as has elaborated a protocol for the detection and notification in case of child sexual abuse in Aragon (documents attached at the end of this section).

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The institutions or entities that become aware of the existence of a situation of risk for a minor will contact the Regional Social Service that corresponds to the minor’s place of residence and/or the competent Municipal Social Service according to the same criteria.

Once the possible existence of a situation of risk of a minor is known by professionals in the field of Social Services of the County or the Municipal Social Service, an interdisciplinary study of the minor and his/her environment will be carried out, in order to verify and evaluate the existence of a situation of risk that requires the adoption of protection measures.

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