The call handler will ask you a series of very simple questions to determine what emergency is happening and where it is happening, in order to determine which emergency services (police, fire, sanitary, rescue…) need to be on the scene.

The process is simultaneous, so that while a call manager is handling your emergency request, he is communicating it in real time by telematic means to the coordinating centers of the different agencies that have to intervene, whether they are Health Emergencies, fire departments or security forces.

In the event that someone needs medical attention, your call will be transferred to a doctor or nurse from Emergencias Sanitarias, who will give you instructions on how to help the injured or sick until the arrival of medical assistance.

Keep in mind that while you are talking to the medical personnel, the assistance is already on its way. The doctor you are talking to is not at the scene of the incident, but is on the other end of the phone to help you.

What happens when you call 112?

The 112 number allows you to call emergency services in European Union countries free of charge from fixed or cell phones.

When not to call 112?

When do you not have to call 112? The 112 number is not a game, it is a phone number for emergencies. You should never use it to ask for general information, or to make jokes or false warnings because, when these cases occur, resources that could be critical in a real situation can be mobilized.

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How long are 112 calls saved?

Deadlines. It can be requested at any time, from the instant after the call and within 2 years thereafter.


After the emergency situation has been assessed by a professional in each area, the necessary means are put in place to resolve the situation: medical personnel, firefighters, ambulances, helicopters, rescue teams, etc., regardless of where they come from.

5. Information of interest in situations related to urgency and emergency. Telephone numbers and addresses of health centers, police stations, abuse services, information on duty pharmacies, etc.

What services does 112 provide?

– The 112 number is intended for cases of urgency or emergency: accidents, fires, urgent health care needs, assaults, robberies, rescues, catastrophes, etc… – It is not a general information telephone number or a telephone number to obtain information on the state of the roads or the weather.

What is 112 in Spain?

What is 112? 112 is the European emergency number. Until its implementation, citizens had to call different numbers depending on the type of emergency: National Police (091), local police (092), firefighters (080), ambulances (061)…

What questions do they ask you when you call 112?

When you call 112 they will ask you where the emergency is taking place (street, square, town…), your telephone number and contact name in case they have to call you back. Answer all the questions and do not hang up until you are told to do so. Remember that it is very important to answer all the questions.

Phone 112

Before any accident the emergency system must be activated, remember the word P.A.S. indicates the three actions to begin to attend to an injured person:P: Protect: before acting you must ensure that both the injured person and the person who attends him, are out of danger.A: Alert: whenever possible you must notify the health services of the existence of the accident, thus activating the emergency system. It is very important to give the ALERT in a correct and structured way, for this you have to be very clear: who has to warn, how you have to give the message and to whom you have to give the message.emergency phones must be visible and easy to locate: ambulance, fire department, police, hospital, toxicology institute, emergency service, mutual insurance company. Remember that 112 is the telephone number for any type of emergency (health or non-health), at the European Community level.Immediately after giving the warning, start to rescue until help arrives.S: Rescue once the injured person has been protected and the accident has been reported correctly, proceed to act on the injured person by recognizing his vital signs always in this order:1º Consciousness2º Respiration3º Pulse.

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When should the police be called?

Contact 112 by telephone in any situation of danger, risk or threat to your physical integrity or your property, or that of any other person. You can also report events that are occurring and that violate current regulations by calling 092.

When should an ambulance be called?

That is, if someone calls because they need attention or because there was a fall in the street and someone is bleeding, because there was an accident or even if at some point someone at home started having chest pains, we attend to those situations and we go”, he points out.

How to request a report to 112?

To request a copy of the clinical report or certificate of attendance, the user must send it by email to ([email protected] ), request it by FAX to 91/3387530 or at SUMMA 112’s own registry (Antracita 2 BIS). To do so, you must attach: Written signed by the patient himself/herself.

What is 112 in Argentina

The introduction of the emergency telephone was decided and approved by the Council of Ministers of the European Union in 1992 at the suggestion of the European Commission. Since then, 112 has been consolidated throughout the subsequent legislative process.

All this is usually done via the computer program of the 112 center operator, who while talking to the alerter, without hanging up the call through a computer program, the operator immediately communicates with the resources to be sent simultaneously, so that the emergency resources arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

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Long gone are the days when 112 alerted emergency resources by telephone, now it is done telematically, without having to hang up the alerter to proceed to send the emergency resource or resources.

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